LinkedIn Recruitment Training – Trailer

We want to hear from you please. Please comment below to let us know you are looking forward to the training.

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41 thoughts on “LinkedIn Recruitment Training – Trailer

  1. Listened to webinar. Wanted to engage your services at the discounted price until 1 PM. Info you provided to contact you did not work.

    Tom Mirgon


  2. Great program. Two key take-away points for me. One, you must take full advantage of the tools (LinkedIn, Google, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.) today to generate the market footprint in order for your audience to find you. Second, career management is an ongoing process and these tools should be in our “career management toolkits” until the next evolution of technology replaces them.

  3. Really enjoyed hearing about the world cloud technology. I will definitely use a world cloud tool to analyze not only a job description but to take those words and populate my resume!
    Will also use this technique for my LinkedIn Profile.

    Best, Susan Beattie

  4. 3 most thoughtful insights I learned from todays webinar:

    1)The Power of Proof on LinkedIn
    2)World cloud technology for optimization
    3)Using Google as a “passive ” candidate tool

    Thanks again for great,useful information! Susan Beattie

  5. Thank you for great information regarding Linked In. I have been working on improving my profile and you gave me some great ideas on how to do so. I especially want to work on my key words. I love what I do and I want to find my next place to do it.

  6. Hi Grieg and Phil,

    I VERY much appreciate you time and effort in offering this webinar. One of the most important things I took away from this was using Twitter. I never thought of it as a job source. It is a good idea for the reason you stated but it will also have a another benefit – it will show me in a “younger” light. I am 53 and having a difficult time. Hopefully by using Twitter it will make me see “younger”.

    I also like the word cloud info and starting my own group sounds like great idea.

    Once again, I thank you for this. I have been out of work for 1.6 yrs and my UI benefits are coming to an end. Hoping these ideas work for me.

  7. Greig:

    I purhased your services 1 year ago and as you advertised, saw my resume make it to page 1 of a Google search. However, I ended up pursuing some investing opportunities and placed job hunting on hold. Your webinar was very timely as it reminded me of the the actions I need to take, now that I am back into the job market. I am in the Tampa Bay area for 3-6 weeks and look forward to meeting you in person.

    Mike Bombino

  8. Great webinar today. I did not even multi-task and took 7 pages of notes. Quite a compliment. The two new items I learned about were the Word cloud concept (which I’ve done manually) and the importance of Google in my search. I have the tech skills and should be able to incorporate both into my strategy. Thanks.

  9. Greig:

    Your webinar today was excellent. 4 points that stood out in your webinar for me were:
    1. Why we need to have over 500 connections on LinkedIn.
    2. Creating a Key Word strategy and optimizing my profile
    3. Profile should be narrative and different from resume.
    4. Start your own group.

    Thank you for all your help and guidance today!

  10. Just like Susan said. I really enjoyed the part about the word cloud. I am going to try this out now to make sure I have all of the key words I need and use these to improve my Linkedin profile as well as my resumes.


    Larry Doroff

  11. I attended a BeFound webiner in Oct 2010 and was impressed with how much new information was in today’s (Jan 4) presentation. I have been looking for a job for some time now and your information is providing light at the end of the tunnel.

  12. Great webinar today. I did not even multi-task and took 7 pages of notes. Quite a compliment. The two new items I learned about were the Word cloud concept (which I’ve done manually) and the importance of Google in my search. I have the tech skills and should be able to incorporate both into my strategy. Thanks.

  13. The most powerful insight I took:
    1) Methods to accelerate my network
    2) Word cloud tool
    3) Getting on Google
    4) LinkedIn signal

    Thanks you.

    • Greig-

      Great webinar! Although I have been using LinkedIn for about a year I learned today why it as not been set up to my advantage. Key insights gained included that there WAS a LinkedIn and Google page one. Didn’t know I should pursue this advantage. I now know this is a critical goal to being found. I also avoided setting up a web page as I assumed this was only useful to Software programming type disciplines. I will also certainly work on lacing keywords into both my resume and LinkedIn profile.

      Thanks for the insight bud!
      Jeff Larson

  14. The webinar today was awesome. A few things I learnt today are:
    -Creating a Key Word strategy and optimizing my profile
    -Getting over 500 connections on LinkedIn.
    – Profile should be narrative and different from resume.

  15. I enjoyed the webinar today. I thought the best insight was seeing the process from the point of view of the recruiter – how searches are conducted by a recruiter, how the key words are used, how ‘missing’ key words can cause your profile to be ‘bounced’, and how the right words can bring you to the top of the list. It is really a cat and mouse game – keeping your profile current, keeping key words relevant, building a network of more than 500, and the new LinkedIn enhancements that enable search of comments – all are important and ever changing tactics to get that job ! Again, thanks for your insights.

  16. I’m commenting on your LinkedIn tele-course. I found the fact that you needed to be a part of the following groups interesting:

    Industry groups 10 – 20
    Professional groups 10 – 20
    Regional 2 – 5
    Job seeker groups 10 – 20

  17. Thank you so much for today’s webinar. It is very helpful especially the word cloud and search option on twitter account. This is one of the best webinar I attended. I am going to recommend my friends about this webinar and other web sites so that they can also get benefited.

  18. Thank you for the well organized presentation. I am amazed at how much useful information you were able to share in the allotted time.

  19. Greg,

    This has been an excellent webinar. I will certainly implement the advise you gave and let you know how it worked.

    Thanks again,



  20. Greig:

    Your webinar today was absolutely awesome. I have attended LinkedIn webinars in the past but none were a match to yours. Matt LeBlanc recommended the webinar and said you were excellent and he was correct!

    A few points that had me scribbling away were:

    1. Use Twitter – i never considered Twitter for job search – duh! and the benefits of getting people to Tweet about me

    2. Why connections are so important on LinkedIn
    3. Tips on creating a key word strategy to optimize profile
    4. Starting your own group – i loved this one! I have actually thought
    about it in the past. Now I am going to get on it and get it done!
    5. Having a website and how to post your resume and get found on
    Google was very helpful and something I have not heard before.

  21. Following webinar on Jan. 27. I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this.
    It is difficult to say what was the best advice in the webinar. Since it was all beneficial to me as a new user. At my beginner’s level I would have to say that hearing how one should interact with the people you target was the best advice. One should tell them why you chose them and further interact with them so as not to appear a needy job seeker.

  22. Mr. Wells,
    After having worked for 30 plus years, I am facing a layoff off for the first time in my life at the end of this month. I only just learned of your website after a referral from Phil Rosenberg’s website; which I stumbled upon this month as well. I know that my usual way of looking for a job is outdated and ineffective. Your seminar gave me practical advice and showed me a path to help me tap into the hidden job market. This is invaluable information because helps to assuage my fears. Through your webinar today I now know that I can successfully take steps that will lead to a positive outcome and thanks to you I know what those steps are. Further, your company specializes in provide assistance if one needs a helping hand. Essentially, you have “taught me how to fish” so that I can take charge of my career going forward. Thank you for your expertise and your willingness to share it. Best wishes in all of your future endeavors.

    Sabrina Boothe

  23. Your webinar has given me the information I need to get found. Please send me the link for how to get the premium LinkedIn capability withour paying the fee and the clif notes from todays webinar. I meet with a large group of job seekers and will recommend your service.
    Thank you,

  24. Great webinar! I love learning to be be self-sufficient on the the job hunting scene using best practice tools that are available and keeping with hiring manager’s candidate searchs.

    I’m an avid LinkIn and Twitter user and want to make sure I am showing up in Google searches any way I can. I continue to learn more and more about the power of LinkeIn and how to maximize my exposure to get more recruiter calls.

  25. Thanks for helping me understand the power of LinkedIn and Twitter in my job search. I have a better understanding but know there is much more to learn. I would love a scholarship for your program!

    Barbara Vanderpool

  26. I thought your webinar was great. I thought I was utilzing linkedin but I am not. I learned:

    1. How the hiring side is using search methods to find top candidates and that I need to be among that search to be interviewed.

    2. Word Clouds and how to better target my resume, profile and cover letters to the exact company and job I am applying for.

    3. Broading my network, communicate with my network, be valuable to my network, without them, I diminsh my chances of being noticed.

  27. Top Comment

    This webinar has moved me from “having given up” on finding a job to feeling as though with your team’s help (I signed up for the special) . The word cloud is and amazing idea…gives me the confidence that I will be employed in the very new future.

    Thanks for your info and motivation.

  28. Greig,

    Thank you for offering the free webinars. For those of us who do not have extra money to pay for this help in looking for work, this is a wealth of knowledge.

    The information I have found most helpful are:
    1. Use of Key Words and where I should be using them.
    2. Word Cloud: What it means, how to create it using, and where to use the results.
    3. How to use Twitter to find jobs without signing up for Twitter.
    4. Why connections are important on LinkedIn and the reason for keeping them current.

    I am off to apply what I have learned and pray that I find a job soon.

    Thank you again for this helpful information.

    Robyn O

  29. Today I went through the presentation it was awesome, I can just explain how movie is being promoted in India.
    I want to promote myself with out a penny spending, to sell myself so that I can being hunted.
    It is very well designed and presented I am going to send mail to all my contacts from gmail,yahoo,face book and by word of mouth. I am going to spread this message.
    Thank you for a lovely presentation.

    Philips Stanley

  30. The Personal Branding webinar was excellent. I can really see that this will be a constant work in progress. The wonderful thing about it is that by focusing on my Career Brand, I must attain greater clarity regarding my values, professional attributes and core competencies. Bravo!!!

    Stephen Danennbaum, Ph.D.

  31. Greig:

    Today’s webinar on Career Branding was one of the most educational career webinars I have ever been privileged to attend. And, as you know, I have attended many. In a little over an hour, you clearly and succinctly taught all of us how to easily adapt ready-to-use templates to create distinctive career branding statements and powerful unique value propositions. Used properly, these techniques will help any job seeker to stand out from the competition. If you decide to write a book on this or any other job search subject, I will be the first in line to buy it.

    Thanks for everything you do for us, your devoted clientele.

    • Greig:

      Thursday’s webinar on Career Branding was really helpful and very much to the point. It is sometimes hard to get real value out of webinars because you cannot get real hard examples to work from. Being a geek, it is many times dificult to get your point across in a short and sweet group of statements. You clearly demonstrated how to get this done and how we should be looking at how to use LinkedIn. It is a great help having your templates to get started with my career branding statements and unique value propositions.

      Thanks for a great class,

  32. I would like to thank Greig and his staff for all the information at the webinars on Linkedin and Google and how to use these important tools and how important they are in order to get started on your job searches. The webinars are very informative and he shows step by step on what you need to do to get yourself out there for the companies can see your profile and start to get your phonre calls coming in.

    Thank you Greig and his staff.
    Bill Hiatt

  33. Hi Grieg,

    I appreciate all the webinars, it is really helping me build my network, I feel I will find the right opportunity as I increase my contact with professionals in my field.

  34. Greig,

    This is my current “Branding Statement” as of 4-28-11;

    “You know how Biotechnology Companies are always looking to reproducibly manufacture product at lower cost? I solve this by my intelligent, reproducible, lab bench work done with impeccable documentation.”

    What do you think of it?


    This is pretty good.
    To get mored adanced your last sentence could be stronger by being more specific. Tell me how or why you are able to work inteligently and reproducable instead of just listing these buzz words like everyone else does.

  35. As I read all the comments about how great the webinars are one thing I am not seeing is any statement from these people saying that they implemented the “word clouds” or anything else and got a job. After 15 months of unemployment I am beginning to think that the only way to get a job these days is to be recommended by a friend who works for a company you would like to work for. I am not seeing the value of LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder or any of the other sites I have used for the last 15 months. Prove me wrong if you can please. I would like to believe there is a way to find a job out there.

    • Nancy, I just heard from the co-founder of Barefoot Wines! Both of my biggest clients came from LI. It is the place to be for the serious job seeker.

      My tips: Make sure your profile is updated and at 100%.

      Don’t yank your profile off here, no matter how down you get. Your next big client could call you an hour from NOW.

      Connect with everybody in your industry and companies you want to work for. Ask for introductions if you can’t afford the premium service.

      My field, PR, is totally about connections. Face to face networking still works best. Have you gone to chamber of commerce events and handed out your card?

      Please don’t get discouraged. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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