LinkedIn Networking Secrets to Get Hired Faster

 Learn to Network on LinkedIn to get referred into a job!


 In this INSIDER Webinar, You Will Learn:

  • How LinkedIn’s own advice on networking is bunk, and how to avoid the most common mistakes.
  • The PROPER “order of attack” to work your way into a company you want to work for, contact by contact.
  • Top covert tricks for getting almost 90% of your LinkedIn connection requests accepted, even by EXECUTIVES who have never heard of you.
  • The secret psychological hook that can get total strangers to agree to refer you in for jobs at their company.
  • The mathematical (but simple) formulafor determining EXACTLY how many job openings you need to target to maximize hiring potential.
  • How to sneak your way into the “hiring pipeline” so you’re first in line for every new job opening.
  • Get live, EXPERT answers to ALL your LinkedIn job search questions – get hired, grow your professional network, even become influential in your industry…
  • And Lots, Lots More…

Even if you already know LinkedIn, these strategies will cut months off the time it takes for you to get back to work!

35 thoughts on “LinkedIn Networking Secrets to Get Hired Faster

  1. Thanks for the info Greg. Since I’ve been thru the Be Found program, I will get the (Ninja) Scripts.

    You’re doing good work, helping lots of people. Please keep up the good work!


  2. This porgram works and best of all it has TONS of tips and advise for FREE. one I followed his step, I received 5 concreate job offers . Guess what, I’m going to work on Monday after being off 2 yrs. Also have a recuiter update your resume. It’s free just snoop around, connect to recruiters and send them your resume, ask them to review and improve it to the year 2012.
    This also got me 5 offers.

  3. this has been great!!!!!!!!!!! Added more valuable information to your earlier workgroup, Be Found Fast. Unfortunately I do not have the financial capacity to move forward with any of your options. You are quite a motivating coach and have given me the positive push I needed.

  4. Your training is fabulous. I will give back to you by recommending your webinars to those in my “Job Match” program that I am in.

  5. Using the info I received from the first; my network went from 78 connections to 500 plus in 2 weeks. I had 39 supper connectors and now over 400. So far I have been searched over 471 times. 10 offers to join other networks;but no job offers as yet. Being unemployed;Linkedin networking has been my full time position the past few weeks. My network has over 16 million now;surely some one will see we are a fit. Remaining optimistic;where it was failing before this webinar. Thanks.


  6. Thanks, Gireg. Rich and powerful insights in how to use the LinkedIn and Signal tools. This has certainly helped me broaden my network and make use of the powerful tools built in to the Advanced functions on LinkedIn.

    Good work and keep it up!


  7. The webinar was very informative piece about networking and advancing ones brand and using technology. If your in a job search or not there is value in the webinar.

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