Getting LinkedIn Premium Paid Account for FREE ($600 Value)

In this short video I show you how to get all of the functionality of a Premium Paid Account on LinkedIn for FREE a $600 value.

If $30 a month is a drop in the bucket for you then I recommend you invest in the Premium Account on LinkedIn.

If you are out of work or on a budget then save your money and use the work arounds I show you in this video.

I have a LinkedIn paid account but I think of it as more of a donation to support the platform – I don’t use any of the features at all.

I’m about solutions so below I recommend what I would pay for on LinkedIn.

I think $20-$30 a month is very affordable for most people, LinkedIn just needs to build a better value proposition.

By the way if LinkedIn is listening below I list 3 services they should offer in the paid account and if they did I would recommend everyone invest $20 a month.

1. Unlimited invitations – currently LinkedIn allows you 3000 invitations, then you are done for good. Personally I only accept inbound invitations now, I have given up network building activities on LinkedIn. Instead I meet people in LinkedIn Groups and on other social sites and I have to ask everyone to send me an invite to connect.

2. Premium suggested connections to add to my network – Use the raw data in my profile to match me up with other people in my industry and profession. This would be a huge time saver. But Without unlimited invitations I just ignore the current suggestions they make.

3. Give me back my profile real estate. The top right of every LinkedIn profile has an advertisement on it – give me back this space on my own profile instead of renting it to an advertiser, rent it to me. In this space I should be able to add the equivalent to the Facebook “HTML Application” that would allow me to use HTML to add video embeds, add an Opt-in Box, or what ever – in a very non-intrusive manner on my own profile.

I would recommend everyone get the LinkedIn paid account if it had these 3 features. Then again they are already getting my money so they have no incentive to listen to me. lol

What would you pay for on LinkedIn? Lets us know with a comment below…

If you like this video you will love the video below about how to BeFound on LinkedIn.

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53 thoughts on “Getting LinkedIn Premium Paid Account for FREE ($600 Value)

  1. great video! saved me $199… had forgotten I’d signed up for a premium account 2 years ago… auto-charge every year, due to expire next week so, canceled just in time.

    LinkedIn is a bit like a chocolate hit… initially gives you a rush ( hope ) but then a downer when the returns don’t come in as expected but, that’s also a consequence of false expectation and wrong usage.
    Your video really put it all in perspective – what to aim for, what it can do for you and how you can exploit it as a networking tool


  2. I don’t generally spend allot of time responding online. But this is important enough; I will make an exception.

    1) Thank you for being charitable with sharing your information with us. I am sure that it is very much appreciated.

    2) In response to your question, “What would I pay for on LinkedIn?” – I have to tell you, I would not pay for anything on LinkedIn and here is why: LinkedIn is making literally scads of money off of people thru online and affiliate advertising connections. Why on earth should we pay for their services. Yes, it is true that LinkedIn is not the same as other social networks – if it can even be said to be a “social” network at all. But it is a “network”, never the less, and functions via some of the same “modis oporandi” as that of some of the other more “social” networks and so I believe that they are already making quite a handsome profit without us all making a donation to their cause.

  3. Excellent webinar! A key challenge for me has been identifying the desired keywords. The segment on “word-cloud” generators, is something that I believe can make a huge difference in GETTING ME FOUND!

  4. You gave me several good ideas. I just relocated to Atlanta so the info about joining groups in my new location was invaluable but I also liked the idea of setting up my own group. I am also going out to update my profie with some key words and differ it from my resume. After building my network I will attack Google so I have alot to do and need to get busy. Thanks for the help.

    • Hello Flo – I am in the Atlanta area as well – I would love to find you on LinkedIn. We may be able to help each other grow our networks in the area.

  5. Great linkedin webinar. You really explained how to maximize the usefulness of your profile and how to get on the employers radar.

  6. Greig,

    Until I listened to your webinar, I didn’t know I was pursuing a new career entirely wrong. I entered my field back in 1996 and you are exactly right! I can’t approach it like I did back then and have been beating my head against a wall, wondering why recruiters don’t call back and I’m getting 0 interviews.
    Specifically, you have taught me so much in two hours. To begin with, Thank you for training me in a short amount of time to think like a recruiter. Thank you!
    Your information on how to use LinkedIn as a business networking community is priceless. It was unfamiliar and overwhelming to me at first. You were very easy to follow and laid out really insightful, and helpful tools to use. I have begun building connections, but have doing it wrong. I will begin today to use these tools and to use the language you gave me when I’m reaching out “I’m evaluating recuiters who specialize in medical sales/medical device sales and I”m curious if your working with any that specialize in that field”. Positioning myself as an insider-I love it and am planning on doing that today moving forward. Sending Thank you notes is something I do in the field and glad for the reminder for my network. My goal now is to get to 500 connections and NOT to do general messages and get IDK’s. You’ve helped me realize the importance to stand out! Showing a difference and a value so my potential employer can see the different aspects of me. Seeing how I act and write is good to know. It never occured to me that Hirees would look at these things. Along with selecting key words to form a narrative version of my work experience and positioning in key places on LInkedIn so important to know. I will begin immediately to set up my own group, profiling that I am the founder so that I can be seen as a leader and a participant. You taught me these things today which I would never had known how important they were. I love your key point to accelerate off-line networking. I’m pretty sure there have been a few connections I’ve made that I’ve come across as a desperate job seeker (cringe!) this came to me as I was listening to your words in this area. You have taught me now, that I need to shift this into looking at companies that I want to target and people within these organizations at all levels. Utilizing this area as more than looking for a job initially-how I thank you for this nugget. I love your words and wrote them down to use. “I see you as a leader”, offer to help them by inviting them to a group, and have a big network. Your key points here not only positions me as an insider, but creating an interaction relationship, the give and take of value which hopefully will propel into phone conversations. My entire approach is changing today. I am going to begin building my network and reaching out with your suggestions which will get me in the best position for jobs coming available. I see now, getting the recruiter in my pocket for assisting them with companies that I follow and reach out to. Creating a matchmaking opportunity I believe you called it. Thank you for pointing out that No, is the best response. This gives me the opportunity to stay connected to them and report back as you said. Putting me at the top of their list as an insider for information for their rolodex. Both with the recruiter and with the company. So smart. Such a great point. Which teaches me again to set myself apart from the pack and as a valuable asset and in demand. I love the point about using Google as well. Things we do to find results and the importance to be found. I really paid attention to your emphasis on being found and to be hunted by H.R., hiring managers and employees (wow-great reminder…referal money-of course). I will use your suggestion to try to get on the first page. Probably not as savvy and have as much time to commit in this area, but believe it is important to be found. I believe you called it Search Engine Optimizers so I can be found- I will begin to dig into Key word strategies…You called it reverse engineering from AIRS and it makes so much sense. Thank you for the inside tip on how to get email adresses through facebook and seeing which groups they are affiliated with and joining. I am adding that to my tool box as well.
    I have not heard of Word Cloud Technology, but will explore that. I believe what you shared is critical for customizing resumes. Understanding what the company is talking about and what their language is, only makes sense if we’re suppose to win an interview. I have to say duh here…(to myself that is) I did not fully understand what key words were before today. You have driven deeper into their importance, their relevance, and their stragic placement in our hunt. I must begin today to build a rich key word summary for myself. Thank you for pointing out that my profile and summary should NOT be a duplication of my resume. That one I would have messed up. I will create a very different 3 dimentional view of myself on my profile page. Finally, twitter. I haven’t fully undestood twitter and until today, had never ventured into their waters. And so I went. I heard your message on this and will utilize it as another tool for job leads. Like that we can follow someone on twitter in conjunction with what we might see on linkedIn. Will always remember and begin circling back to make the hiring person the hero. “I saw your tweet” Great knowledge for us to have. Seeing the job elsewhere, go back to twitter and tell them I saw it there….driving one of many points…interactive relationships…the give and take of value and always positioning myself as a value asset/insider.

    In closing, I want to Thank you for showing me how to close the gaps. Providing this free seminar today is a priceless gift and I will not waste it.

    Warm Regards,

    Krista Dockery

  7. Great webinar earlier today. The whole idea of right placed key words in the profile and word cloud tools was very good. Looking forward on working with you on Being Found. Thank you.

  8. I was very fascinated with the word cloud tool for customizing your profile and your resume when applying to jobs. Can’t wait to try it out! Thanks for all the great information! some I knew some I did not thanks for the invite.

  9. Very informative, thank you!
    I have a lot of contacts from staffing companies and have negotiated with hundred of their company presidents, vp’s etc. I was not a recruiter, however so this was EXTREMELY helpful.

    My question in the webinar was how do the recruiters see your profile on LinkedIn after they plug in the key words – do they see your public profile or do they see your “view full profile” section? It makes a difference how they see it because if you do a keyword cloud on your public profile you will see your name all over the place but your intended keywords max 4-5 times.

    Let us know, thank you!

  10. Greg,

    I know a lot about SEO, but I hadn’t been doing it for myself personally… go figure. The information value you provided in how Recruiters are searching, the sneaky way to network and manage perceived personal value to hiring managers while finding out if their companies are hiring (without being ‘needy’), and how to get a Head Of The Line pass with in-house recruiters, were worth FAR more than a cost of admission… and you gave it away free!

    Thanks for your generosity, and I’ll be looking forward both to working with you directly — and also referring others to you to get their own insider’s edge.

    Warm regards,


  11. The presentation really explained how recruiter use Linkedin and google. I never realized the power of the search on key words, links, using tags, optimizing name,etc. The word cloud technology and searching twitter were very value tips.

    The off-line networking, and how to do it were also helpful. It would have liked to learn more about were to put your priorities in maximizing the be found market for a specific job search in a restricted geographical area.

    Thanks for the valuable information and fast paced presentation.

  12. Greig, Your diligent effort in reverse engineering of LinkedIn is an excellent example of analyzing ways how the electronic world changed the job hunting adventure. I was amazed that the power of LinkedIn is much more than degrees of connections and learned a great number of tricks to get my phone ringing. Many thanks to you and the sponsors.

  13. Your webinar was the most informative I have attended in over 1 year of looking for a position. I have already begun establishing my network and working on my profile. I had never even heard of the Word Cloud application. For you to share that information alone to us was incredible, and you shared so much more.
    Thank you again for your generosity. I will certainly tell everyone I know about you and your incredible help.

  14. Great insider peek to the working and best usage for LinkedIn. Cleared up mis-understands i.e. IDK, how to be found, importance of current status. Found the question and answer period to be just as valuable and informative as well! Great questions from participants.

  15. Thank you for the illuminating information with regard to LinkedIn especially, Twitter and the cloud tool and how to think like a recruiter.
    While I’ve been a recruiter, I have to admit that I didn’t know some valuable information re: LinkedIn.
    It will be a great help to me and I think Krista said it best so I won’t repeat everything she had to say.
    Great job teaching us some of the newer techniques that should be used by anyone seeking a new position.
    Thank you!

  16. Great presentation! The most valuable part for me was the “How to Contact Anyone” feature. I’m beginning to learn about the secrets to using LinkedIn more effectively and I want to thank the presenters so much.

  17. You organized my thinking about what is required for success on Linkedin. I found the information about building out my network, especially the best way to approach connections, very helpful.

  18. What was most instructive was what “not” to do, given the conflicting and vast advice given out there. Really instructive. Thanks.

  19. Greig,

    Thanks so much for offering your insight and education on linkedin and the opportunities that exist for job searchers. The time spent was very valuable and offered so many ideas on how to market myself and to be seen by recruiters or hiring managers. I am hopeful that it will make a difference as I continue my search.

    Thanks Greatly,

  20. Greig – The webinar this morning was very informative and helpful. I often hear job-search pundits talk about how searching for a job has changed dramatically, and that traditional search techniques don’t work any more. My search – which has lasted more months than I care to reveal – could be used as a case study. I knew I had to change course and start doing something different, but no one explained exactly what I needed to do and how to do it. This morning, your seminar gave me that information. You did a great job showing – sometimes step-by-step – how to position myself on the web so recruiters can find me. What you discussed makes perfect sense and was like a light bulb going on over my head. I saw, for the first time, the inter-connectedness of various web tools, and how I really can’t optimize one without impacting the other. I learned it’s important to use all the options available to me in order to succeed. Additionally, you helped me re-energize my job hunt, which for me had become like a daily root canal. So thank you for sharing the information you did. But more importantly for me, showing me how to use it effectively. Best Wishes – Marcy

  21. Webinar on LinkedIn Insider Secrets was great.
    Especially liked tips for strategies on employment gaps.
    I’m starting a group today and making myself VP

  22. I’ve attended three of Greig’s webinars and I find myself returning to learn more each time. The strategies Greig discusses are both practical and usable and his information on LinkedIn’s new Signal Beta will get us all ahead of the curve. I will continue to follow Greig’s advice and know his work will have a positive influence on my job search. Greig, thank you for your leadership!

  23. My job search has been a long one and I’ve become somewhat disheartened. I’ve sent countless resumes directly to companies and in response to job board postings with very few replies. I have been “found” on LinkedIn but knew I wasn’t optimizing my use of it and could get even better results. That was made crystal clear in today’s webinar. After listening and signing up for the Do It For Me program, I’m newly psyched about moving forward with my job search.

    I fully realized today how important it is to stand out in a crowd of professionals by providing social, visual and factual proof…something I’m going to get working on right away by requesting more recommendations, interacting with other members in groups and by sharing updates.

    Networking is not my strongest skill. The information Greig provided on how to network within companies, and in what sequence is priceless. In fact, the amount and quality of the information he shared for free others would have charged for. I have been on many different kinds of webinars and none offered as much valuable free information that you could take and run with immediately.

    I will be reviewing my profile and resume, removing redundancies and using the important keywords in both to make my best presentation for when I am repeatedly “found” on LinkedIn and Google.

  24. Greig,
    I learned many things from this weeks webinar. The one thing I acted on immediately was to set up a Tweet account and join some groups. I may not do much tweeting myself but it will be nice to be in-the-know.

  25. Great webinar last week on LinkedIn! A key challenge for me has been how to utilize the site as a job search tool. The webinar revealed that LinkedIn is much more than degrees of connections. Key useful points were the the advanced people search and search engine optimization. The word cloud tool was completely new to me; but an exciting idea to use as I update my profile with some right-placed key words. All useful info in this career change. Thanks for showing me more tricks to get my phone ringing.

  26. Greig,
    Thanks for sharing your insights regarding LinkedIn. Before your seminar, I’ve been at the point….”OK, all these connections are great, but now what? How do I best leverage them.” Thanks to the seminar, my mindset about job hunting through LinkedIn will change from hunting to being hunted. Appreciate you pointing out the many other great LinkedIn features to use as well, including the advanced search techniques. Also, thank you for the word cloud tool, which will be of great assistance. The lessons from the seminar will help me better position myself through the remainder of the job hunt.

  27. Greig, Thank you for the excellent webinar yesterday. I finally was able to listen to the whole thing. Also many thanks for the video bonus on how to use the paid account LinkedIn functionalities for free. I am much more confident that not only will I stand out from the crowd more but also be more easily found by recruiters and hiring managers. Very informative. Thanks.

  28. This contained more useful information than most of the networking seminars I attend. I had never heard of some of these tips. Great info!

  29. Thanks, Greig. It was held just as you stated: on time, short, and useful!

    Patrick Comer

    Sensible Science in Service to Business Leadership

  30. Great information1

    You debunk the hype and give the straight and narrow information to apply to the linedIN portion of our job hunt/career hunt!

    Thank you,


  31. I am referring all veterans to your job search tips … very important tools and work-a-rounds, incredible insight for today’s fast tracking a job search, optimization means difference between getting seen, interviewed and landing a position or just getting another dead-end form letter. INCREDIBLE STUFF! THANKS!

  32. Greig,
    After the first weniar I attended, I couldn’t wait for the next. Each webinar offers powerful information the not only provides me direction but psych to drive forward with confidence.
    Lately, I have seen a spike in my searched for results and anticipate many more while implementing your plan.
    Thank you.

  33. This was awesome, Greig. Thank you for being a man of your word and for the tremendous insight into LinkedIn.

  34. Hello Mr. Greig,

    Thank you for your webinar and this additional video. It has been a great learning from you. I really appreciate your interest in motivating the job seekers.


  35. Greig,

    I appreciate your three recommended additions. However, I am not seeing any workaround to paying for the premium service…the video is a single slide with comparison of the three types of accounts.

    Please post more information. Thanks!

    Nicole in Chicagoland

    • OK, I got to the video now, thanks. However, it’s extremely small and hard to read. Please have the text at least double the size in the future, OK?
      Thanks again!

  36. Greig, Thanks for saving me $600 for the upgrade. I learned a lot today. Your videos are always packed full of information. So glad I’m a member.

  37. Thank you, Greig, for revealing some secrets of how to use LinkedIn functionality when one is seeking job. The information is very useful and I shall certainly use it. I am not complete novice at LinkedIn and found out a lot of things about how it works by myself, but your info made me to look critically at my previous work with LinkedIn.

  38. Greig,
    i would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the sponsors for this webinar. I have been a Linked In member for quite a while now and yet I did not realize its value before “”. This is a revelation and I am already sharing my experience with my friends and colleagues. It was really timely and indispensable to turn the table. instead of looking for a job, you have provided us a tool to “befound”. Who or what can beat that.

    Once again, thanks and much success in your endeavors!



    • Yes true. This was an excellent webinar and in 4 days i have an
      increase of 50 counts on my network. I am now sitting at 300+
      on my primary network, with over 50000 in my 2nd and more
      in 3rd.

      Wooo..3 cheers to Greig –

  39. I agree on the three “features” I also would like to be able to better search in my own contacts better, and some of the group “features” were better before the last redesign. I am sure someone thought what they did was a good idea.

    Thanks Greig

  40. Greig:

    I’ve really appreciated all the “back door” secrets behind LinkedIn that you’ve discussed. Since it’s been ten years since I last looked for a job, the whole methodology in finding a job has changed; your approach is a much more productive tool when trying to secure that next “great job”!

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