Get More Done in Your Job Search with a Buddy – Register Here FREE

Get More Done in Your Job Search with a Buddy

Get More Done in Your Job Search with a Buddy – Register Here 

I recently read this article about how you can get more done at work with a work buddy.

work buddy

Buddy Up

 It seems a “work buddy” would be a great asset to help you get more done and stay on track in your job search.

If you have you are interested in a “Job Search Buddy” post a comment on this blog post with a link to your LinkedIn profile. If you see someone below that you would like to Buddy Up with contact them through LinkedIn.

If enough people are interested in this, I will put together a free workshop on how to best work together in your job search.

I have a special bonus for the first 10 people to leave a comment below.

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29 thoughts on “Get More Done in Your Job Search with a Buddy – Register Here FREE

  1. Hmmm… interesting. Possibilities. Sure!
    Highly-skilled Project Manager / Team Leader / Process Analyst / Writer

    Have developed and delivered overlapping projects to $1.3M on-schedule & on-budget.
    Led Teams to 50 people across state and national lines.

    Last position: Reduced company error rate by 50%, error $ by 75%, late deliveries by engineering design by 90%. Increased designs/man-hour productivity by 50%. Saved $500k/yr (at $15M plant) as Lean Manufacturing Champion. Sold #4 client ($600k/yr) an $800k/yr upgrade.

    Prior: Analyst and PM for (2) $1M+, corporate-wide, IT systems. Wrote: 600-page franchise operations manual, 100s of formal procedures including IT security and Disaster recovery plan for a Fortune 100 petrochemical. Taught 100s of classes in: IT, customer service, franchise operations, and train-the-trainer

    I am: tenacious, innovative, patient, and like having just a bit of fun along the way.

    Places I’d like to work (in rough order): N Puget Sound (WA), Portland or Seattle, BC, UK, Oceania, somewhere fun.

  2. Finding someone that ticks all of those boxes is I think a little like having a list of characteristics for your perfect partner! However a job search buddy is a great idea as this is the same thing as having an exercise pal. You both motivate each other and that can only be good.

  3. It’s lonely and frustrating looking for work alone, so a “buddy” could be a great help – sharing ideas, providing moral support, and keeping each other motivated. I’d like to know more!

  4. Sounds like a great idea. I have discovered that recruiters are NOT necessarily my buddies, they are just doing a job (some better than others). I would definitely like to team/share resources with someone job searching in Tax Consulting and related Technology efforts. Or maybe a different area – we have all seen and touched many facets of the job market outside of our specific expertise.

  5. This is a great idea. Job search buddy is a great way to connect in many ways. Job boards, recruiters and agencies are over run with applicants and I seem to get lost in the crowd. I’m am located in St. Lucie County Florida midway between WPB and Orlando. I am looking forward to getting started.

  6. Wow, why didn’t someone think of this before? I’m in. If it does nothing else but break up the isolation it would be of value.

    I’m passionate about what I do because in all cases, regardless of the software code and services I am representing, my relationship building with clients and then winning business rely on my ability to gain trust and confidence so I may be part of solving his/her pressing issues.

    Its almost always about communicating and evangelizing some small edge advantage to be gained by adopting this or rolling-out that so, the passion in believing in ones own cause and the ability to influence and persuade are key skills I posses.

    Territory Management, Pipeline Management, Forecasting Accuracy, Strategic Selling, along with business acumen used to craft winning solutions, are some of the sales executive skills I have at my disposal and have practiced over the past 20 years. During my career I have gained a deep understanding of back-office functions including; Accounting, Information Technology, Legal, Operations, and Manufacturing as a result of having worked with executives in each of these disciplines across multiple industries.

    As an Individual Contributor I can operate both Outside and Inside with a preference for Outside sales. Prospecting, both the slogging cold-calling variety or Web2.0 approach are part of my tool kit and are critical elements of my day to day activities geared to building a 3X pipeline.

  7. I had read about this else where as well. Sounds like a great idea. I know when I was lifting weights on a regular basis, having a buddy was great motivation. I’m sure it will help in the job search as well.

    I have a background in IT & Quality and located in western NC.

  8. HI I am interested in hooking up with a buddy.

    Here is my profile and accomplishments:
    PROFILE Resourceful communications and social media strategist cultivates brands, nurtures engagement and produces bountiful results: leads volunteer steering committees to achieve game changing results; web and print; internal relations (employees, volunteers, Board) and publicity (media, consumer, government) relations

    • Delivers strategic (SWOT) messaging geared to organization mission and values
    • Respectfully drives consultative content development process to showcase champions with pro-active communications strategies
    • IT infrastructure acumen (SharePoint intranet, Web 2.0 internet web development)
    • Great work-back scheduling; manages multiple complex project simultaneously
    • Builds personal networks; interfaces well with people at all levels of organization
    • Detail-oriented: takes personal responsibility for accuracy and timeliness
    • Facilitates volunteer committees and Board to achieve unprecedented results
    • Experienced helping not-for-profits communicate “like a business”

    • Led delivery of public awareness communications products (corporate documents, feature articles, speeches, web content, letters-to-the-editor and communications plans) to demonstrate value of engineering profession in protecting public safety
    • Amalgamated elected representative and staff annual reporting schedules; pushed Annual Report publication ahead by four months; implemented value-based reporting
    • Initiated activity-based annual editorial calendars and key message audits for online newsletters
    • Consolidated program delivery into central cost-profit centre and introduced strategic message delivery and learning in programming content

  9. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have a job search buddy or buddies. I am recruitment consulted based in Chicago. If I could get paid to be a job candidate I would do it full time. I appreciate that I have a profession were I can see both sides of the selection desk and how each hire links to overall company succes.

  10. I have been out of work since August and I have had good days and bad days in my job search. I believe a job search buddy would be helpful.

    Before I was laid off I made my living selling physical and electronic security equipment to community sized financial institutions, and I live in northern Colorado.

  11. EVERYONE needs a buddy. It only makes sense that being able to bounce ideas off of someone else would be beneficial. I’m in CT and looking for a marketing/graphic design creative position. Anyone out there willing to work with me?

  12. Hi Greig, just saw your post on Job Search Buddies. After reading the article it makes perfect sense – works similarly to having a “gym buddy” because you keep each other motivated. I would be happy to work with someone else in the job hunt, and so any advice on that front would be great and much appreciated. Thanks!

  13. Absolutely!

    I think that as long as we are open to learning, listening and networking the process of finding employment could only be improved and/or enhanced is in helping others to do the same.

    I am open to any and all suggestions and having buddies to share lessons learned would be great.

    I’m searching for anything and everything Automotive…

    Currently living and searching in Southern California.

  14. Great idea! I live in the St. Paul, Minnesota area. I worked in government as a building inspector. I am looking for a building inspector or related position preferrable in Minnesota.

    I am also looking into other industries where my transferable skills could also be used.

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