LinkedIn Endorsements – Gaming the System Together

LinkedIn endorsements do not have a lot of value right now because they are so easy to give and get. When endorsements first came out I found myself getting endorsements from people I didn’t know and for skills I didn’t specialize in.

Clearly this was not valuable.

However do not make the mistake of just ignoring Endorsements, LinkedIn has launched endorsements because employers who are recruiting want this feature to help them find the best candidate and eventually Endorsements will have an impact on search results and thus will become important to you.

So here are 3 things you can do to use endorsements to your benefit.

1. Only show skills and expertise that are pertinent to your current specialization, remove all the rest. Be sure to list soft skills such as writing and critical thinking – employers want ways to measure these.

2. LinkedIn displays your skills inorder of which has the most rankings. You can game the rankings by deleting all but your top 5-7 skills and asking for endorsements for these areas then after increasing your quantity of endorsements in these key skills go ahead and add back your ancillary skills. Long term you do want to utilize all 50 of the skills LinkedIn allows you to list because otherwise you are leaving money on the table.

3.  Having more endorsements right now is likely just a tie breaker, if you have 2 people that are similar and one has 99 endorsements for the key skill and the other has 9 endorsements of course you are going to call on the higher ranked person. In the long term these endorsement COULD have impact on the search results within LinkedIn.

So while Endorsements are not a priority for your LinkedIn strategy – the more endorsements the better.

Here is how we are going to game the system together.

After you cut down to your top five skills you should post a comment on this blog with a Linked to your LinkedIn profile.

Next you need to go through and Endorse everyone else who has commented on this blog – they only each have 5 skills showing so it shouldn’t take you too much time to do this.

After you do this for everyone else (give first) we will approve your post and everyone who comes here after you will see your link and will endorse the skills on your profile.

Our goal is to combine forces to together help you build up ranking in your most important skills and help you get your most important skills to the top of the order.

If you get to a profile and they have more then 5 skills showing DO NOT ENDORSE them because that means that have completed the exercise and are no longer needing our help.

This is all on the honor system, I can’t make people endorse you so please don’t write to me if you don’t get what you were expecting but if we all work together we can all help each other.

This is a private blog post just for my clients who have been to my training on endorsements – please do not share the link to this post.