You are about to Discover the 2 Insider Secrets to Finding a Great Job Fast

     Are you Tired of spending hours a week online looking for a job?
    Then Input Your Info in the box on the Top Right to Discover how in just minutes you can be found by the hiring managers and recruiters that are looking for you right now with your dream job, they can’t find you if you are not where they are looking.   Press play Now.

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341 thoughts on “You are about to Discover the 2 Insider Secrets to Finding a Great Job Fast

  1. Greig was able to get my resume to the #1 position when I searched some, not all of the keywords. This is a fantastic product and service. I have had three interviews and over 100 looks at my resume within a week of Greig getting my resume online. This rocks and I would absolutely recommend this to anyone!!! Awesome!!!!!!

  2. Greig delivered the results as promised in a very quick and professional manner. I am impressed by his knowledge and desire to help achieve the results I am looking for. Greig’s personal attention to detail and willingness to walk me through the process, to gain understanding of it, was very informative and helpful to me.
    I my opinion, Greig is a top professional with a product that delivered the results as promised. I certainly would recommend Greig and his product.

  3. Thank you for this link. I am actually a sourcer for my recruiting team. I went to this link and watched the videos and was so pleased that there is someone out there actually making my job of finding qualified candidates a little easier. Thank you gain!

    Happy Networking,

  4. I am very glad I was referred to Greig. At first I was not certain about what to expect, but I am so glad I followed through. In very short order Greig helped me understand the highpoints of Linkedin, Google and Twitter and has done a great job in getting me on the 1st page of Google. Additionally his navigating me through Twitter was an immense help. I would not be able to accomplish this on my own and I am certain that what we have developed together will begin to pay dividends very soon. Everyone needs to speak with Greig!

    Good luck jobhunting

  5. It was really nice to see my resume in the first page of google so fast. I am appreciating with my deepest heart for the work done by this team. I am hoping that i will be starting to get calls from recruiters staring today. Thanks much for your help!!

  6. I am thrilled to have worked with Greig. His service has provided me with the stepping stones in landing my dream job, and because of his tireless effort in connecting me with a lot of people online, I have a much better chance of getting a job in this troubled economy. The work that was done by Greig and his team is just remarkable and I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done for me.
    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Grieg.


  7.’s exposure services are absolutely incredible! Before I enlisted Greig’s help I spent countless weeks scouring online job postings & classifieds with absolutely nothing to show for it. I even tried creating a LinkedIn profile on my own, but I didn’t really know how to market myself properly, or how to make my profile stand out & look impressive. As a result, I ended up with a whopping 3 “connections”–two close friends & one of their fathers, lol. Clearly I needed some guidance.

    Recently I was lucky enough to cross paths with Greig. I expressed my frustration & anxiety about being unable to find desirable opportunities in this economy. Greg explained to me the importance of building my own “brand” & optimizing my resume & LinkedIn profile to reflect this “brand” & to gain the exposure that I needed. Since I was so impressed by Greig (not to mention frustrated & disheartened by my earlier attempts) I decided to give the “We Do It For You” package a try. Within 24 hours Greig amassed approximately 400 LinkedIn connections for me, & that number has grown steadily each day. In addition, Greig posted an optimized version of my resume online & it is currently amongst the first results that appear when you search for my name, or resumes for my occupation & state on Google. Much to my surprise, this newfound exposure (that required virtually no effort on my part) quickly began to pay dividends. To date, my LinkedIn profile has been viewed hundreds of times and I am now regularly appearing in other people’s search results on both LinkedIn and Google. More importantly, this exposure has translated into messages & phone calls from job recruiters and employers that want to arrange interviews with me. I went from hopelessly struggling to find solid leads to having people CONTACT ME about available positions. I am now finally feeling optimistic about my job prospects and I’m confident that one of my upcoming interviews will pan out for me. Thanks for all your help, Greig!

  8. Greig and the services he provided me via were simply amazing. Prior to enlisted the help of Greig my job search was basically going nowhere. I am barely a week into his program and have had a number of legitimate career leads come my way. Everything he committed to he delivered. With his help and guidance my linkedin network has grown immensely with a number of new connections reaching offering leads that will hopefully lead to a career opportunity. He also showed me how to effective use twitter to my advantage as it relates to my job search. All these things I would not have done on my own, and I am confident that I am not headed in the right direction all thanks to Greig.

  9. I am so glad I came across this video today. I realize that having Google and Linked In on my side is going to be a positive and beneficial idea in finding my dream job. I am happily surprised that the registration is simple, and that I can get free access now. By being in the top search results on Google, companies can find me quicker, and I don’t have to go hunting for them. This is a valuable tool for anyone currently looking for a job, as well as someone who would like to find a better position in their field. I can’t wait to get started!

  10. Now, I think this is all common sense. When you google your name, what do you see? The only problem is having your information on the first page of google results and this is a very delicate science. This is what the video teaches.
    Going for the job you want is the only way! you can’t sit there waiting for it to come to you, even if you have posted your resume on!!! Good luck.

  11.’s , services were excellent. I am very happy with the results I have recieved in a very short time. Greig was extremley professional and right on top of the latest in personal branding. Thanks for your help Greig.

  12. The results as promised in a very quick and professional manner. I am impressed by his knowledge and desire to help achieve the results I am looking for. Greig’s personal attention to detail and willingness to walk me through the process, to gain understanding of it, was very informative and helpful to me
    watched the videos and was so pleased that there is someone out there actually making my job of finding qualified candidates a little easier.I am appreciating with my deepest heart for the work done by this team. I am hoping that i will be starting to get calls from recruiters staring today.

  13. As a VP of Marketing I know that SEO and Social Media work for business but until I met Greig I did not know how to apply these to my job search. Thanks so much for getting my resume onto the frontpage of Google and helping me be found on Linkedin and Twitter. I hjave already gotten several calls for interviews and 34 views in my first week.

  14. Seems to be a search engine optimizer for job-seekers. Good idea, it id true that many people won’t bother to look past the first page of a Google search anymore.

  15. is providing an unbelievable service. For a job seeker what can be more than getting a #1 rank in Google and Likeding. These two being very popular the chance of landing a job of choice is very high. As I am in a job now, I could not resist myself from telling me job-seeking friends of this service.

  16. Welll it seems like a great idea, offering recognition on google in the same way that other people look for recognition for their product or website.
    My only question is whether this would appeal to fairly new workers who have little experience in the job market, could they still find this useful too, and if how why?
    But beside that possible concern I still think this is a good idea in order to help people have jobs find them.

  17. I’m quite excited after going through this video.I’ve been looking for something like this only which can take my resume in front of millions.On many job hunting sites, its feel like my resume is in trash, this is the real deal you are talking about.
    I like your idea, and I definitely be the part of this, ofcorse who doesn’t want their resume on top of such globally famous websites.

  18. BeFound Jobs helps with the most important things you can utilize when you’re hunting for jobs which is your social network. Definitely talk to your friends and family in person about your job search but it’s also a good idea to use your social networking sites (Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn,Twitter, etc) to let everyone know that you are looking. You never know who might be looking to hire or know someone who is looking to hire. Not only are social networking sites great for getting people to actually notice you, you should also get your resume and your pertinent skills on your social networking sites so that they can be searched via Google. The impact of telling your friends and making your skills and resume searchable is too great to quantify. I had great luck with this thanks to BeFound Jobs. I got my current job through a friend on Facebook who had an opening at their company that they noticed matched my skills.

  19. I’ve used Google to look for a job but never thought about being found on Google until now. I have personally had great luck with is just typing whatever it is that you do into a search engine on the internet. This works because it searches all posts to all websites for those keywords. It is common sense that the opposite would also work, that recruiters would be on Google looking for me and I was never there before BeFoundJobs. Thank you Greig for helping me be found on Google and LinkedIn!


  20. I have found that internet job hunting can be overwhelming. There are so many people starting fraudulent businesses. My tip would be to make sure that you always check for reviews of companies before sending them your personal information. Anyone can make up testimonials but Blog comments are tied to a specific IP address which validates that they are real. This may help cut down in wasted time and also help to make sure the company has a good reputation. Doing your research will help you weed out companies that have a bad reputation and performance record. Thats how I found

  21. There is someone out there actually making my job of finding qualified candidates a little easierby use of he 2 Insider Secrets to Finding a Great Job Fast method’s , services were excellent. I am very happy with the results I have received in a very short time. Greig was extremley professional and right on top of the latest in personal branding. Thanks for your help

  22. hey i seen this video, i like your speech very much and you have tell me about my resume was shoen on the front page of google. i was very much interested in it i want enroll my name and e-mail address on you GET INSTANT ACCESS box ,i’m having a faith that my resume also showed in the google front page and it help to get a dream job for special thanks to mr.greig

  23. I have found as an excellent tool for being found in the job search. Greig and his people have done everything they promised.
    I highly recommend befoundjobs to anyone who is serious about finding a new job quickly. Time is money and the longer you are out of a job the more money you are losing.
    Use this tool to shorten your job search and find that job you dream about.

  24. I am delighted to recommend’s services. Not only did they accomplish the goals as promised, Greig was immediately responsive to all of my questions and inquiries. Taking this step was a positive move in terms of my profile and positioning. I truly appreciate Greig, the thoughtful and professional service he provides, and am glad I took the plunge.

  25. After 2 months of clicking I finally got 40 connections on LinkedIn. Then a group member from a LinkedIn association sent me a message and I took the time to watch the video. Within 48 hours I have over 500+ connections and soon will start Twitter automation. I made fun of these tools socially before, but now I value the ‘discoverability’ social high tech tools can offer an active job seeker in the Seattle 98074 sales arena like me!- Thanks Greig and team.

  26. Until I discovered I considered Job hunting on the internet to be a waste of time. I have been to so many sites to post resumes or fill in the required personal info and got nothing but spam and junk emails. It makes you seem desperate to post a resume or apply to every so called job finding site out there. does it in such a better way I am so glad to be teamed up with Greg.

  27. You need balance of Being Found and going out seeking. The transparency Greig shows that he is a real person who can be trusted. The majority of people have yet to catch up to how useful a tool LinkedIn and Google could be. It is an uphill trek, because it is difficult times, but made a lot easier when working it from both ends. Thank you BeFoundJobs.

    Alan E.

  28. I subscribed to Greig’s service on August 20. Only 5 days later my resume was already listed in the #1 spot on Google for my key words, and I am also on page 1 of LinkedIn in the #3 spot. My connections quickly grew from 120 to almost 900, and my profile on LinkedIn is dramatically improved from what it was prior to Grieg’s service.
    On Google, I have already gotten 30 views and 4 downloads, which is 30 more views and 4 more downloads than I would have had without Greig’s help.
    I am so glad I found Grieg’s service in a discussion group on LinkedIn. Thanks so much Grieg, I recommend your service to anyone.

    Mike Mc.

  29. I think its really important to get on the top of the page when someone is looking for candidate. Because if we will not be at the top then there is no chance of getting shortlisted by the recruiters. And with this technique if we will be on the top of the Google or LinkedIn result then its going to be awesome and we might get a dream job.
    Thanks for sharing such a useful concept.

  30. Greig’s service dramatically expanded my Linkedin connections. Linkedin in is the premier networking tool worldwide. I am looking forward to expanding my global reach with the significantly expanded connections on my profile. I recommend the service to anyone wishing to do the same.

  31. Before I got introduced to through a LinkedIn recommendation, I really spent three and a half months applying to jobs posted on the internet, jobs at ex-competitor’s sites, and networking on LinkedIn, and all of this using a great resume written by a professional. All this effort and I did not have anything to show as a result.

    I guess because of the economy and political situation that caused so many job losses, there were not enough job offers on the market.

    Is then when I got a recommendation to contact Greig, who even though on the first try was not able to provide his services because he was swamped in work, he had the character and kindness of personally answer to my e-mail and explain to me the importance of building my own brand and steps needed to publish this brand to gain the exposure I needed. He also encourage me and when you are on this situation a simple hang in there, you are doing it right, is worth a lot.

    A couple of weeks ago, Greig had an opening for the “we do it for you” service. Since then my LinkedIn network have grown 500%, this exposure generated a couple of calls and I have people on my network who is helping me find a job. Many recruiters are now aware that I am on the market. Therefore the opportunity will show.

    I have got all this results and Greig have not even finished his work on the Google and Twitter. Imagine the results that I will get when his work is finished.

    Thank you very much Greig for your help, your ethics on the job and I will recommend you at any time.

    All the best,

    Jaime Arroyo

  32. This is an amazing service. It works just as advertised. Frankly, I do not know even though I am in the technical field how Greig was able to use personal SEO to get me top linked in LinkedIn and the top of Google searches. Greig is terrific to work with and you get the feeling he really want to help you succeed.

    I am not sure given the power of LinkedIn why traditional networking methods would be as valuable. Probably the shift is to social networking and interactive via the Internet.

  33. As career coach, I see the results job seekers get from following Greig’s solid advice. The tangible tactics he provides get you in front of recruiters and hiring mangers who are looking for you. The job market is picking up and companies need your skills. Let Greig put you on the front page of Google so these hiring managers can find you.

    April Williams, Career Coach

  34. Understanding and executing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes time and expertise. This critical component of the job search process is often not understood or overlooked by most job seekers. Greig Wells has truly identified an unmet need and delivered immediate results for me. My Linkedin Network expanded 1000% and I was ranked #1 on Google within the first week using Greig’s service. Greg Delivers!!

  35. Greig and his team at have done a great job including getting my resume on the first page of Google. They have also increased my connections greatly, enhanced my Linkedin profile, added groups, etc. All these things will help me get noticed by Recruiters and Hiring Managers.

    I highly recommend Greig and this service to job seekers.

  36. I searched Google with my keywords and there I was on page 1. Also, I’m nearly at 900 connections on Linked In. This is a gain of nearly 700 connections in 3 days!

    I highly recommend the service to job seekers.

  37. provides a phenomenal service at a time when a candidate needs to explore every approach to move ahead of other talented professionals. Greig increased my LinkedIn network by more than 1,000 contacts within the first week of the campaign. In fact, the connections came so fast that I’m still digging my way out from under the avalanche but doing so with a smile since more than 250 of the new contacts sent a personal e-mail with offers to advance my job search. With more than 75 hits and a growing number of downloads within the first 15 days of posting, he delivered on his promise to use SEO tactics so my resume would surface on page one of a Google search. The approach using Twitter as a source of leads is ingenious and there’s no question many opportunities surface on Twitter before showing up on the job boards or through any of the aggregator sites. Great job Greig!

  38. My network increased from 400 to more than 1500 in a week; 15-20% of the respondents connected with a personalized message and the new connections are an intriguing mix of recruiters, C-level contacts, and open networkers. Many interesting conversations have ensued and I have several consulting and job leads evolving. I’ve been very pleased with the results and modest cost to achieve them.

  39. By augmenting your traditional job search methods with, you will rapidly build awareness on both LinkedIn and Google. Within days my LinkedIn connections exploded to over 1,300 and I was also listed in the #1 position on Google for my specific area of expertise.
    Everyone should consider using this tool as a tactic to shorten your job search campaign. Thank you Greig for developing this service.

  40. Using Greig’s services has made a huge difference for me. I was getting very frustrated in my job search, even though I was already on LinkedIn. Within 2 days of Greig taking over, my phone started ringing. Recruiters that previously overlooked me suddenly started calling, and I am now back at work. It’s a temporary assignment, so I’m not stopping my search, but at least I can breathe again.
    Thanks, Greig. You’re a lifesaver!

  41. Greig delivered on every promise. This is a wonderful tool has raised my profile beyond what I had been doing for two months. Thank you Grieg.

    Everyone should use the service because I am a true believer after getting ripped off by other so called help. You can use me as a reference anytime Grieg.

  42. Grieg’s services are amazing! Within 48 hours Greig had my resume in the number one spot on Google and doubled my direct contacts on LinkedIn (which had taken me 5+ years to do on my own) within a week!
    I would highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to Be Found soon!
    Best of luck Greig – you’re really helping folks get back to work and we all appreciate it!

  43. Greig’s BeFound services are amazing so far. He more than doubled my contacts on LinkedIn within a couple of days!. Although I’m just in the beginning of this whole process, I have no doubt that Greig will fulfill all of his promises and get me to number one on Google.

    I also believe that Greig’s video’s and the information that he shares with you are outstanding. He gives you a wonderful overview of how it all fits together and shows you how the Social Media part work.

    I highly recommend that you give Greig a chance to show you what he can do for you in this very tough job market.

    Thanks Greig for offering a much needed service!

  44. Greig delivered what he promised. Within days, Greig had my resume in the number one spot on google and the direct contacts on LinkedIn started rushing in. Networking is what it is all about in the job market these days and Greig did a very professional job in getting me setup to be noticed.

    Thanks Greig!

  45. I am happy to recommend the services. Not only did Greig accomplish the goals as promised, he is also responsive to my questions and inquiries. Taking this step was a the best move I’ve made in getting myself promoted in the various web apps, many of them rather unfamiliar to me. Thanks Greig and BeFound for your sales and promotion assist!

  46. Thank you, Greg and for an outstanding service! You delivered everything you promised in an efficient process and with professionalism. Now I am in a position ahead of my competition for the jobs I am seeking, and I feel in control of my career again. Not only did I meet the 500 LinkedIn contacts, but I exceeded those contacts by double! I would highly recommend to anyone with utmost confidence.

    All the best,

  47. What do other PMO & PM executives on LinkedIn do to get noticed, and increase their exposure while pursuing new opportunities?

    I had my doubts about, but decided to give them a shot and I’m glad I did. Greig has delivered on eveything he promised. They are an incredible resource that opens up the world to you in simple fundamental ways. I’m convinced that leveraging social media & SEO techniques will give me an edge in my job hunt that’ll shorten the time frame and produce results quickly. What’s incredibly valuable to me is that it saves me time – since I’m employed full-time adn trying to change industries.

    My network has expanded, my resume refined, & I thrilled about the team.

    Following their advice you’ll bolster your Internet presence on both Google & LinkedIn so I can now easily “be found” by recruiters & employers that are looking for your unique skillset. is incredible – It’s only been a few days & I’ve already gotten some exciting results. AWESOMELY POWERFUL!

  48. Greig, I am glad I signed up with You have increased my online exposure immensely during my job search!

    In all honesty, I stumbled across BeFoundJobs online and studied the website. Greig’s videos provide a wealth of information and convinced me that I need to have an optimized online presence to “be found” by those filling positions. Needless to say, I felt I had nothing to lose and too much to gain by investing in myself so I requested Greig do the work for me.

    I was amazed at how my LinkedIn connections more than quadrupled over the course of days AND my resume now appears on the front page of Google !!!! The job alerts I receive from Twitter are another excellent resource for anyone in job search.

    If anyone doesn’t believe me, please give it a try and you will be totally blown away!

    I would recommend Greig to all serious job seekers. Greig has been great to work with. He is extremely responsive to my questions and has such an upbeat attitude.

    Thank you, Greig! Keep up the great work.

  49. I was impressed to see my resume in the first page of Google so quickly. While I have not yet received any job offeres or calls from recruiters I am hopefull that this will begin at any moment.

    I am appreciative of all the work done by Grieg and his team. Thank you for all your help!

  50. I am very happy with how quickly I was setup on Google, Twitter and Linked-in and have received many views in the past two weeks. Additionally, your service has given me over a 1,000 Linked in contacts, which would have taken me countless hours to develop on my own. I am very pleased with your services and you deliver as promised! I would be happy to recommend you and your product!

    Mark Maltun

  51. Greig’s program delivers everything he promises. The building of my network is moving at an exponential pace. It is really exciting to connect with folks that really want to help you succeed in your job search. The twitter leads have provided some of my most promising job prospects. Greig’s efforts and expertise have given a great boost to my efforts and I recommend him and his team to all serious job seekers.

  52. Greig delivers. My resume is first in the Google search and my Linked In direct contacts have gone through the roof!, has increased the number of referals to my profile in a very short amount of time.
    Great stuff – this works!


  53. Greig and his team at have definitely helped me take my job search to the next level. As anyone currently looking for a position will tell you . . . looking for a job is far different now then it was even a few years ago. You need to make sure you blend the newest job search strategies and techniques with your traditional ones in order to give yourself the best chance to stand out. is a service that quickly helps you get to that place where you can get noticed and increase your personal brand awareness. Thank you for your help.

  54. So far Greig and has delivered everything promised. In a short period of time my LinkedIn connections grew from less than 100 to over 1,400 now and still growing. In addition, I am listed as the first link doing a Google search in my geographic area.

    Greig and his team have responded quickly to any of my emails. I am very happy with their service. Again, they have delivered on everything they promised thus far. I hope this helps lead me to my next career position. I recommend their service to anyone who wants to use LinkedIn and the internet to help them with their job search.

  55. As advertised. Within just a few days, I was on page 1 of Google searches and had expanded my connections 5-fold on LinkedIn. If you’re looking to really enhance your overall visibility, this is the place.

  56. Greig’s services was able to do in a short time what would have taken hundred of hours on my limited time to complete: he got my resume on the first page of Google for my keyword search, and exploded my Linkedin network to almost 1,500 connections.

    I would highly recommend this service to anyone trying to increase his or her web presences as either an active job search, or as part of building a personal brand.

  57. As promised, my network connections exploded from fewer than 100 to more than 1400 connections! Also, my resume is #1 on google for my search words and area. It has been about a week since my network began expanding and I have connected with 2 or 3 recruiters and went from having 4 or 5 views to my Linkedin profile and appearing in search results 10 or 12 times daily to having 12 to 15 daily views and appearing in 55 or more search results. I am still getting connection acceptances and have received an email from a recruiter to whom my resume was tweeted. Talk a look at the service offered by Befoundjobs you will definitely have an expansion to your web presence and connect with more people than you thought possible.

  58. Greig and his staff at are fantastic. This is the best investment I have made. If you want to understand social media, linkedin, twitter, google search and you need to revise and update your resume you are at the right place. I am so very impressed with the quick response that Greig himself make on all emails.

    My network increase in a matter of days instead of years. The wonderful connections and tools to utilize my career search were more than I expected. Greig truely over produces on each catagory. Don’t hestitate this is your opportunity to join a successful team of experts to assist you in finding your new career. Once again thank you so very much to Greig and

    Clint Shipp

  59. Greig did everything he promised and much more. I had just started with LinkedIn so Greig’s insights and personal assistance were invaluable.

    A very professional operation and I would be glad to recommend them to anyone!!

  60. Be Found with! It sounds crazy, right? Yet, Greig Wells and his service – – truly provides you with tips and tricks to get your name out there in the job market. I have an entirely new understanding of how to use social networking for my job search, and I owe it all to Greig. And, one more thing, Greig offers impressive customer service by answering all questions in a timely manner. Isn’t time that your next job finds you on

  61. I was very pleased with the supply of contacts and boatload of information supplied by
    I had written back to them earlie saying the program paid for itself almost immediately by finding a spelling error that a professional resume writer had missed. This is a great program for anyone looking to change careers or loking for work.
    Pete Willemsen

  62. I was introduced to from a free webinar I attended by Social Media Magic. I was very impressed with the webinar content and knowledge of the two speakers, one being Greig Wells. My experience with BeFound has been quite valuable with the amount of services provided for the low price tag. The instructional videos that are part of the service are worth the price alone. There is no way I could have increased my networking on my own anywhere close to the time frame that BFJ did. In addition, anytime I had a request, I received a personal response from Greig within a 24 hour period.

  63. Within 5 days, my resume was on the first page of Google search and my Linkedin Network exploded, both as promised. And which directly led to my receiving an inbound for a very interesting opportunity.

    But perhaps even more importantly, my understanding of the impact of social media in the job search has exponential expanded – the service really opened my eyes to what’s going on in today’s world of job search and business in general vi-a-vie social media.

    -Charles H.
    Greater Boston

  64. I have had many applications on many sites and no reply to the black hole.
    Now working with befound jobs I now am at a 600 level introductions and have actualy have had calls and networking past the comptuer apps to get to decesion makers. This is great news momentum.
    Ihave actually had some calls that would never occured with out be found jobs.

  65. The deliverables exceeded my expectations!!!!

    I just want to say thanks for all the work you and your team have done on my behalf. I am not easily impressed but your service has delivered everything promised and more. I’ve been putting together notes on everything I have done to search out a new position so that I can share them with a friend, family member, future colleague, or even myself if any of them should ever have to go through the ordeal of having to find another job. Your service will be at the top of the list as the very first thing to sign on for. Thanks again.

  66. Greig and BeFoundJobs delivered what they promised. Within an hour of his service going to work I received a contact to apply for a position in a location that was highly desirable to me and my family. This is a great set of tools, and a service I wish I would have come across sooner. I look forward to many more contacts and know this program will deliver.
    Chris Jones

  67. So far I have been very pleased with what has been able to accomplish for me. This market is tough right now so it is important to have an edge over the competition and has helped me do just that. If you are looking to step up your game, then you have to add to your strategy.
    Lisa Jackson

  68. I would recommend that all job seekers take advantage of Greig’s BeFoundJobs program. The video on branding yourself was most helpful. This video went into more detail on how to brand yourself then any other that I have encountered.
    For the job seeker the money is well worth all the attention and time BeFoundJobs spends in helping you get on the right track to find employment.

    Carol Rossi

  69. I would recommend that all job seekers take advantage of Greig’s BeFoundJobs program. The video on branding yourself was most helpful. This video went into more detail on how to brand yourself then any other that I have encountered.
    For the job seeker the money is well worth all the attention and time BeFoundJobs spends in helping you get on the right track to find employment.

    Carol Rossi

  70. Greig knows social media marketing inside and out. His guidance is stratightforward and concrete. He’s the first peron I’ve found who actually knows what the others claim to know.

  71. Greig’s service has given me another tool for my current job search. Many good resources to tap into and his work greatly expanded the number of people who know I am looking. Very professionally done and organized. Very satisfied.

  72. Greig and came through as promised.

    The number of contacts on LinkedIn has skyrocketed and my name is on the first page of google.

    I also gained valuable insight with the informative and well timed webinars.

    If you are looking for an avenue to increase your visibility, this is it!!!

  73. I read about the service Greig provides and was a little skeptical. However, I visited his site and started to watch the free videos. Needless to say, I filled half a note book with valuable information and realized I was missing the point of social media in general and Linkedin in particular. It is not to connect with those you already know to exchange jokes and other irrelevant items. It is to reach out to others and help them with who you know, while they are helping you with who they know – X 1,000. The power of being seen by so many people who are looking for talent, while you are looking for the right position or promotion is tremendous. My advice? – Get a fresh notebook and plan on watching Greigs videos many times in order to catch everything he is giving you. Then let him optimize your search while you master your brand and message. Soon you will have people at the companies you are targeting calling you!

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    Greig, Thank you for all your assistance.

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    Thanks for your help!


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  148. I was very skeptical upon signing up for There are hundreds of internet scams out there and it’s difficult to separate the rip off companies from those that are legit and truly want to help job hunters. I first heard about Greig and BeFoundJobs by attending an on-line social media training session for business. This session had nothing to do with job searching, so when I found out he also worked as an executive recruiter and some of the same concepts could be applied to looking for a job I became interested . I found Greig to be a very knowledgeable on the subject and seemed to have a real grasp of marketing in todays on-line world. He followed through on his promises, increased my Linked In contact list, group associations and did so at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Greig and his company.

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  152. I noticed a tweet @DeniseWakeman passed along about leaving a comment on your blog and having you tweet my info out to recruiters. I think this service you’re offering here (apart from the free tweeting) is a fantastic idea. I’m interested to see what tips you have.

    Thanks, this young doctor could use a new job!

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  161. Prior to learning about I was not aware of the importance of social networking and personal branding to today’s job search. Greig and his team helped me personally, and through their instructional videos, to optimize my LinkedIn account and my resume so that that I can easily be found by recruiters and hiring managers. Best of all, Greig and his team did all the behind scenes work to maximize my relevant LinkedIn connections and groups, have my resume pop to the front page on Google searches and to utilize twitter to search timely and relevant job leads and deliver them to my inbox daily. Although Greig and his team just completed the work, former colleagues are finding me on LinkedIn and asking me to connect with them. is an incredible investment value to anyone in job search transition, and I highly recommend Grieg and his team.

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    So am I visible now? That’s a big YES!

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  173. Greig and team took a command and control approach to elevating my profile with Linked In Groups that focus on recruiting. He left it to me to sign on with industry specific groups which is also consistent with his theme that the search is a joint effort. Never expect him to place you in a new career. Expect that he will apply a “see and be seen” approach to new media exposure that you can build from. It is a valuable model that he has developed.

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    It was great to speak with someone over the phone about my resume, and receive helpful tips on how to optimize keywords. It was obvious they had done their homework,and had researched my job title to better understand what keywords were needed.

    I also received a free session with a professional recruiter to discuss my job search strategy. And if you still have doubts, Greg provides videos online to explain the procedures-the Branding strategy is definitely a must-see.

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    I would definitely recommend Greig and Be Found Jobs…thanks to everyone on the Be Found Jobs team for your help!

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    As he promised, I was called by one of his professional staff for an honest critique of my resume, which needed to be changed. She showed me how to do that. Greig greatly enhanced my LinkedIn profile beyond my expectations. My e-mail and LinkedIn mail exploded just as he said it would. E-mails from people just wanting to help me out. I’ve hooked up with a few recruiters that hook you up with other recruiters.
    Most of the connections that I’ve made, I hope to stay in touch with for a long time. Greig is one of them.
    I don’t know what it is that drives Greig but he should bottle it and sell it. I’d be thrilled to buy that too. It would be worth every penny. The difference between Greig and the rest, is that it’s personal to him, not just a business. I got that feeling about him as I watched the videos that were sent to me. He’s just honest about everything. That’s what puts him at the top of the heap.
    Recommending Greig and is a given.
    As Greig told me, “I want to REVOLUTIONIZE the recruiting community.” This is in his cards, and he holds the winning hand.
    I just calls um as I sees um.

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    Thanks again for helping me ‘be found’!

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    I recommend this service to everybody looking to get exposure quickly.

  191. Even if you’re heavily networked beFound is worth your time and investment. At each step of the way there are nuggets of insight, or steps you thought you were thorough on that you find can be improved on.

    Its quite the service.

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  201. Just having a great resume and a well-crafted cover letter is not enough in to-days world–now the job seeker needs to ensure that they have the right digital presence, so I turned to Greig of After viewing the videos online, I was very skeptical
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  203. Greig and his Team have been wonderful in our journey so far and I have not yet taken advantage of all the opportunities offered in working with I have received thoughtful responses to questions, caring guidance on resume and branding and an unbelievable boost in network reach – over 400 new network members in 4 days. My appearance in searches has jumped in the same four days from 8-12/day to 44-51/day! And yet, there is more. I am thrilled to be able to recommend Greig and his Team – professional, knowledgeable, caring, detailed – and very, very, very kind and patient 🙂

    Thanks Greig and Team!!

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    I found the videos very informative and interesting. There is no way I could have done everything without the help of the highly professional staff at BeFoundJobs. I highly recommend the program to anyone interested in increasing their online exposure in order to be found.

  205. I wondered about this service for 3 months before deciding to take a chance and have Greig and his people give me a hand at Career Branding and Linked In connecting. Wow! In 3 months I had a dozen groups, 50 or so connections on Linked and a bit or two from a recruiter here or there. After signing up for Greig’s service, within 3 days my Linked in connections had increased to close to 500 and the resume service has helped to get my resume onto the Google front page just as Greig promised. Two weeks out from when I signed up and I have had a 30% increase in job leads and have gotten a couple of calls from recruiters already! They do exactly what they say they will…. I have learned a lot from the webinars that are included in the package as well and encourage others that are a little lost in the cyber-sea of job hunting to give BeFoundJobs a try. Excellent work.

  206. The hands on and personal approach is greatly appreciated. At first, I was skeptical that this was an automated spamming software. That definitely is not the case.

    I have been thrilled with the approach Greig has deployed to helping me expand my network and Be Found.

    Although I am new to the process, I am optimistic that the strategies are sound and I will be found.

    The Top of Google results have been impressive and my friends are convinced it is a trick. It really is just proven strategies and hard work.

    I would recommend Be Found to anyone!

  207. Like so many others who have commented, I was skeptical, but Greig and his team have truly delivered on their promises. Their team was highly professional and dedicated to making me visible. I am astounded by how many contacts I now have on LinkedIn. Just today I received another call from a recruiter; she mentioned that she had seen my profile on LinkedIn. I appreciate the help and guidance from Be Found and Greig’s team. Thanks again.

  208. Within the first day, I have had 40 views of my Linkedin profile and my resume was on the Google search page. Greig and his team know their SEO and offer personal and responsive service. I would highly recommend their service. I will continue to update my experience with in the next few weeks.

  209. I teamed up with Greig and his team at last Thursday. I was amazed at the flurry of activity from the team helping me with my LinkedIn page, my resume, how to understand and navigate Twitter and Google and my understanding of how to improve my job search results. Greig has responded personally to questions I have sent him as well as suggesting a couple of great Webinars. I have already passed the word on to several of my friends as to the value of the program.

  210. Greig was able to get me resume to page one of google within hours for all of my keywords with over 80 views of people looking at my resume. Absolutely awesome! Also, my linkedin profile is gaining contacts and people wanting to connect with me on a daily basis. I highly recommend to anyone looking to take their job search and personal brand to the next level.

    Thanks again Greig!

  211. This is the best value for money I’ve gotten in a long time and I wish all my investments were this successful. First of all, Greig completely over-delivers and provides more than promised. But let’s start with what he promised…I now appear in the #1 slot for my position in a Google search (and how that works seems magical to me); I already had about 250 connections on LinkedIn, but I went from appearing in a search a couple times a month to 25 times a day – you read me right – 25 times a DAY! In addition, I think my resume is 100% improved; and the career coaching was excellent (and quite unexpected). I have already referred most of my friends to Greig and unhesitatingly do so to anyone who reads this review. I can’t say I’ve gotten my dream job yet, but I can tell you that I’ve gotten 2 calls this week from recruiters looking to fill desirable jobs I am perfectly suited for, and I never used to get unsolicited calls from recruiters.

    Skeptical? Don’t be. This is the real deal, and a fantastic bargain.

  212. Greig responded to all of my questions very quickly and efficiently. I was blown away to see my resume on the first page of Google using every relevant search word I could think of. I saw the same results with LinkedIn and also saw my network quadruple in one day! I only wish that I had contacted Greig a year ago and I highly recommend that any serious job seeker use his service.

  213. Delivered. As Advertised.

    Greig’s services have positioned me to find the job that I am looking for. Greig’s personal attention to my case made me feel as if I was his only customer.

    Now, my resume can be found on page 1 of Google and my Linked in contacts have blossomed to more than 500. (So, it’s time for me to get to work!)

    Thanks, Greig!

  214. The service offered by the BeFoundJob team is excellent. Everybody involved worked very quickly to help me “being found”, from the fine-tuning of my resume, to help me create a network of more than 500 people in LinkedIn, and the free session with the career coach. Within a week, my resume was in the first page of Google, as promised.
    I strongly recommend the service. They really deliver in their promises!

  215. Be Found jobs posted my resume on the first page of Google quickly. Now that I am more connected with people on Linked in, I feel that will help me professionally.

  216. I wondered what Greig’s service would do, I now no longer wonder. I was found by a Silicon Valley Company although a job did not come out of it, the process works. I questioned the recruiter on how she found me and she said it was simple LinkedIn. The recruiter stated I had good search words on my site and it mmade it easy. Great job Greig.


  217. Within a day of completing my updated resume with tips and suggestions from the BeFound Team of Professionals, My resume appears first in the area for the professional that I am. Now, when a recruiter or hiring manager inputs my specialty and metropolitan city, I am first to appear! thanks so much BeFound!!

  218. Greig and his people were just great to work with. It is not often that you find people who deliver what they promise. From the moment that I signed on with be found Jobs there was immediate attention and communication with Greig and his coaches. I found that Greg answered all of the emails that I sent him on a very timely basis. I had been watching Be Found Jobs for quite some time before I committed to working with them. The coaches that called to help me focus on what I needed to do on my resume, to giving insightful opinions on the process of what I had to do were all first rate and of high quality. Before I signed on I had about 20 contacts on and now have in excess of 500 and getting more everyday. While my search is to change jobs and move to a very specific State in the Northeast, I know with the help of Greig and his team I will accomplish it soon. I recommend them to anyone and find that there value is priceless!!!!!!

  219. I found a link to on LinkedIn. The webinars are all easy to understand and the the philosophy of the program appealed to the Marketer in me. It made total sense to me to market my self as I would any other brand and I believed that the techniques used would raise my profile on line. I am pleased that my resume now shows up on the front page of Google and I am confident that the increased presence on LinkedIn will be beneficial to my job search.

    • I found a mention on on LinkedIn as well. I have gotten more interested in the last month than I had in the previous year. It helped me to understand what kind job I am looking for so I can hone in on targets. The resume consultant they put me in touch with is also first class. I had paid for a professional resume writer before but now I finally have the kind of sales document I intuitively but not consiously knew I needed.

      Use this approach. It will lead you so many new places and to new people.

  220. In the beginning I wasn’t sure what to think about, but now I can’t say enough for everything that they done for me. They have delivered on every promise he’s made.
    As he promised, I was called by one of his professional staff for an honest critique of my resume, which needed to be changed. She showed me how to do that. Greig greatly enhanced my LinkedIn profile beyond my expectations. My e-mail and LinkedIn mail exploded just as he said it would. I’ve connected with a number recruiters that connected me with other recruiters. My resume is now the first link on the first page of Google.
    I also have been scheduled for a job Search Strategy Coaching session in a few days that I am sure will be helpful.
    I got that feeling Grieg as I watched the videos that were sent to me that he gets personally involved and fe’s just honest about everything.
    I would recommend Greig and to anyone looking for a job.

  221. was the best investment decision I’ve ever made. If you are anything like I was when I initially heard about Greig’s service, deciding to spend the money is not an easy decision to make- especially now that you are not working!! That concern is legitimate and quite understandable. But having gone through this program myself I can honestly tell you that every dime spent is worth it. The networking ability Greig sets you up with alone is absolutely invaluable. Bottom line, the faster you sign up, the faster Greig can get working to get you found, and the faster you can get back to work!! Need more than my word? Okay, let’s talk results…..I signed on with Greig on May 5th 2010. By May 11th my phone started ringing with interest from employers. By May 13th I actually had to begin screening my calls!! Today is May 17th 2010 and more importantly, my first day back to work 😉

  222. BeFoundJobs has unquestionably helped to increase my visibility in the market through the SEOs for Google and LinkedIn. In addition as Greig exponentially increased my Connections in LinkedIn, it’s been a lot easier to find and connect with important people in the job search process. When you throw in the personal coaching for resume-writing and for job searching, AND all the education, I still can’t believe I payed such a ridiculously low price for all of it. I highly recommend this service to everyone!

  223. I have to say, I wasn’t sure what to expect when Greig said that he could help me be found, but the results so far have been fantastic! Just the connections alone that were generated through LinkedIn are already making a difference as it has opened up the possibilities to discover key people inside the companies that are hiring in order to get my foot in the door. The work he has done helping me be found is an extremely powerful tool and I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about their networking. Thanks Greig!

  224. Be Found Jobs is quite frankly the best investment that I have made in quite a long time.

    He and his staff were very fast and efficient and yet gave me the personal touch that I needed to accelerate my job search.

    I highly recommend Greig and Be Found

    If you thinking about hiring someone to EXPLODE your exposure, particularly on LinkedIn, this is you team!!!!!

  225. My husband was skeptical when I told him about the service provides and how necessary it was in my job search. He told me to read the fine print to verify no further charges would be incurred after initial payment (which there have not been any). Greig’s service follows through on exactly what is advertised. Immediately following submittal of my resume to BeFoundJobs, my LinkedIn contact list went from 14 to well over 400 and counting. The resume expert I was put in contact with was extremely helpful in the fine tuning for the final product. The contacts Greig added for me have been extremely relevant and useful in making contact with the correct individual in my job search. In addition, I have received several inquires as to my resume and I expect more. Thanks Greig, I would recommend your service to anyone in today’s job market.

  226. I am appreciative of the services that Greig and his team at Be Found Jobs were able to provide in my ongoing search for a job and doing my best to gain the exposure I need on the internet to the jobs and the decision makers who are looking for people with my background and qualifications.

    The various solutions provided have already shown results after a very short period of time with Linkedin, Google, and Twitter, where the exposure has netted me new contacts and promises to guide me towards my new job in no time.

    The process was fast, efficient, and painless, which I appreciate. I can’t recommend this service enough to someone looking to impact their job search with solutions that work.

  227. My resume was listed first on Google for my keywords a week ago as a result of Greig’s work. It had had over 80 hits and several downloads of my resume. It was still listed in the top 10 today.

  228. I am almost to the end of the implementation process and already I am seeing results. This is an amazing service and worth every penny. Greig is a refreshingly honest businessman, who knows what he’s talking about and delivers everything he promises. I am now on the first page searches on Google and LinkedIn, and within two days my first level LinkedIn network connections have increased by a factor of ten (and it’s still growing)!
    My advice is to read everything he has posted on, watch all of the videos, and then take the plunge and let Greig change the way you make connections online. You won’t regret it.

  229. Once I signed up with, my job search was turbo charged. My resume is in the #1 spot on Google, my LinkedIn connections continue to grow and my phone is now ringing with recruiters who have viewed my profile. When Greig says “you will be found” – believe it! If you are working hard & doing everything you can to find a job & you are still struggling . . contact Greig. He will deliver as promised.

  230. I was not prepared for how fast and how many contacts I would received through It has opened up a whole new world of contacts that are related to my profession. I needed to get started with my job search and Greg has put me out there and I am prepared to be found more than searching. I would recommend to anyone who want to be found.

  231. My experience connecting with and Greig has been tremendous! They have done everything they said they would and they offer extra resources at very reasonable cost but with NO pressure. They are just as happy to equip you to do the work yourself as you using them to help you.

    I have my Linkedin contacts up to over 600 in just 10 days and my groups up to 25. The videos are very useful and the emails are encouraging as well. I highly recommend Greig and his team to other job seekers.

  232. This is a great service, especially for anyone who is new to using social media for a job search. And his instructional videos offer some of the best job search advice around. My experience with BeFound and Greig has been very positive and I would highly recommend this service.

  233. I have worked recently with Greig Wells of He is a first rate “state of the art” recruiter using social means to
    speed up a person’s abaility to network, find work, climb the latter, reinvent into a new career, etc. He has successfully used
    Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google in new and creative ways to increase my chances of being found by companies and recruiters who need me.

    Furthermore, he educates one in the finer points of resume writing, job hunting strategies, and interview “must do” intelligence to get
    you an offer you eventually cannot refuse. Please consider taking a look at Greig on the web, connecting with him on Linkedin, and perhaps
    contacting him with a personal email or phone call to get acquainted.

  234. I recommend the services Greig offers to anyone wanting to effectively utilise the power of LinkedIn, Google, Twitter etc to get themselves noticed. I was already a user of LinkedIn though like many others my network was very small and limited to those people who I know. I had not really understood the power and ability it offers to network effectively nor how to SEO my resume; Greig has corrected my deficiency and provided much insight to me in a most professional and timely way and showed me how to Be Found on the web.Thanks Greig!

  235. Greg’s method of having a high profile on LinkedIn ,Twitter and Google is very effective. Recruiters have contacted me because of the high profile. Greig is very available and always responds to any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend this service!

  236. Greig and his team at not only delivered as promised, but went above and beyond. Within days, my connections went from a few dozen to over 300, I was on the front page of Google, and my LinkedIn profile reviews more tham tripled. He personnaly contacted me for a counseltation and provided extra videos not touted as part of the package.
    I would strongly suggest that anyone who is having difficulty being found enlists his services. Thanks for everything Greig!

  237. I believe that most people that have been off the job market for any length of time need to relearn what methods will help you in today’s job market. Greig makes relearning job search methodology easy with his daily 5 minute videos. The service that Greig and his staff provide is exactly what they said they would complete and done on-time. The idea of becoming highly visible on LinkedIn, Twitter and through search engines such as Google is brilliant. The Befoundjobs services are fantastic and just what I needed help with while I network and plow through job boards.

  238. Greig and his group did an incredible job helping me to get LinkedIn profile optimized. With just a few tweaks I has able to do a LinkedIn job search using specific keywords for my job area and have my profile come up in the top ten positions. It did not hurt to also have my resume come up #1 position on Google search of my keywords. With all the tips given, I now have a job search plan and a method for my job hunt. I highly recommend Greig and his services to those that out there looking for a job.

  239. Greig delivers what he promises. My LinkedIn contacts have increased to over 700 in a very short period of time and are still increasing every day. My CV is always top of the Google search here in Malaysia, it has been viewed 138 times so far and downloaded twice – let’s hope something great is around the corner after being given so much visibility. Thanks so much for the service.

  240. I am very happy with, they delivered exactly as promised. My LinkedIn connections have grown to over 500 and I am getting as many views on my profile in one day as I previouslty received in two weeks. I found the webinars informative and helpful. will definitely increase you online visibility.

  241. Greig and his staff were able to multiply my connections on LinkedIn exponentially within a matter of days. My online resume now appears on Google and has received over 100 views within a week of its appearance!
    He improved my branding statement tremendously. In addition, I am now receiving tweets with job posting leads. Now I am more hopeful of landing a job than before using Greig’s service. I would recommend Greig’s search to anyone in the job hunt looking for a boost!!! Thanks, Greig!!!

  242. I am very happy with Greig Wells service.
    As promised, my LinkedIn network connections increased from 50 to nearly 500 connections and still growing! I am now connected to approx. 40 groups. My resume is #1 on Google for my search words and area. It has been about two weeks since my network began expanding and I have connected with 6 recruiters. I have at least 29 views or more per day and appear in approximately 8 searches each day.

    Please consider this service offered by Be Found Jobs. You will definitely expand your web presence and give yourself so many more options for success. It was well worth the money. Thank you, Greig.

  243. Thank you for all your work. Greig did just what he promised and I cannot believe the difference in the usefulness of LinkedIn with a larger network. I was very selective in my network not realizing the multiplying effect of reaching out to everyone I could. Just days ago I could not do a search in my area that yielded more than a couple (2) of results, now I get over 4000 on the same search and have to actually refine it instead of going broad.

    My new network has already put me in touch with the CEO of a company that just days ago I had access to no one in the company and several other people local to me. LinkedIn has become a useful tool rather than a “why am I doing this”.

    In addition my profile has been viewed by more quality people in the past week than I usually had in three months and am receiving inquiries.

    Thank you Greig for exceeding my expectations and the personal service I received.

  244. Greig has tools to assist in making my resume, name, and position search come to the fore in searches on the Internet. I have generated numerous views of my profile on LinkedIn and my resume. I have also generated several leads in my job search. It is well worth the small amount of money it took to make this happen. I calculated that when I obtain a job I will have a Return on Investment of over 600%. Of course you have to keep the focus on, work, and apply to positions. It is just much more effective to have people actually finding your information rather than be one of the many in obscurity.

  245. helped increase my contacts by almost 500%. The service they provide helped open many new avenues in my job search. After only a week I am very pleased and looking forward to doing more with to further optimize my linkedin profile and expand my network.

  246. Greig and has done a excellent job delivering as promised on their services. I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone looking to be found through Linkedin, Twitter, and Google.

    I now have over 700 connections on Linkedin with a profile that is attracting more recruiters and contacts every day. I was amazed at the results and will continue to promote to my colleagues and contacts. His videos are very informative and have provided additional value during my job search.

    Thanks Greig for all your help! Please don’t hesitate to use me as a reference.

  247. Thank you Greig and team for helping me take full advantage of LinkedIn. I am amazed at how many great connections I am making and have been sharing your information with everyone I know looking for a career change.

  248. Thanks Greig for a wonderfully effective service to those that are unemployed or for those that want to increase their marketability. You teach, empower and deliver. Thanks again! Wonderful product. Thumbs up and I would highly recommend your service.

  249. Hi Greg,

    I have used your services and was very satisfied. However, would appreciate if you could remove my endorsement i.e. (your website,Google). I’ve been out of work over a year and don’t want any employers knowing any of my personal business.

    Best Regards,
    Mark Maltun

    Mark Maltun says:
    October 16, 2009 at 9:08 am
    I am very happy with how quickly I was setup on Google, Twitter and Linked-in and have received many views in the past two weeks. Additionally, your service has given me over a 1,000 Linked in contacts, which would have taken me countless hours to develop on my own. I am very pleased with your services and you deliver as promised! I would be happy to recommend you and your product!

    Mark Maltun

  250. Greig and his staff are doing an excellent job helping people that are currently looking for a job. They get your job search organized and help it move in the right direction. I could not do this on my own. I am telling all of my friends about Greig also returns phone calls and emails in a timely fashion.

  251. Greig Wells and his staff at delivered everything they promised. My connections at LinkedIn have grown to over 500 and I am getting more reviews per day now than I did per week before I used BeFoundJobs. My resume now appears on page one of Google and I have already had over 100 views of the resume during the first week.

    They also provide webinars and informative videos, including bonus videos, so that I am optimizing my search and making myself visible to the recruiters in my field. I would certainly recommend Greig’s service to anyone either currently looking or anticipating the need to look for a new career.

  252. I admit I was a little skeptical and asked around with regards to Greig’s services but after engaging his services I was more than glad I spent the money to do it.

    Having an online presence is extremely important, especially in the current economy. Being able to be visible to recruiters is crucial; Greig and his team at gave me the visibility that I never knew how to achieve. I was also able to push and maintain my online presence and expand my network through the information I learnt from Greig’s informational videos (which is part of the package).

    I recommend his services to anyone who is serious in looking to increase their online presence and rapidly expand their network.

  253. Greig and his team @ did a nice job of improving my visibility in my career hunt. I have been applying for posted jobs on job boards without any bites, only rejection letters. During the same week while the team was strengthening my profile, I began getting recruiters calling ME regarding jobs that I did not know existed. I now have over 450 contacts and a member of more than 50 groups. it is nice to have possible jobs emailed to you through group contacts instead of spending countless, unproductive hours on job boards searching for a needle in a haystack. Plus, the webinars and tips that Greig provided helped to motivate me to increase my own profile strength. I was impressed that when I emailed Greig with questions that he personally responded and within a timely manner. With and Greig, I am on my way to improving my chances of being “found” in hopes of finding a job that is suited to match the skills and experience that I have to offer.

  254. Hats off to Greg. In this day and age, it is hard to find a a class A product on the internet, and Greg is that.

    Greg’s offerings were produced within a week, and I now have almost 300 LinkedIn connections.

    Great job Greg. I know that your work will be of benefit to me and my goals.

    Regards and Thank You
    Walter Frantz

  255. I have found as an excellent tool for being found in my job search. Getting noticed is difficult at the best of times but Greig and his team have shared their expertise to increase my chances of being found. I also have many new linkedin connections that I can use to help in my search. This program can only help further my career. I would recommend this program for anyone looking to befound!

  256. I am very happy to have joined Greig’s BeFound services. Greig and his team have accomplished more in a few days than I could have in weeks. No interviews yet, but I am connected with fscinating individuals I could not have been able to find on my own. This comment is in reference to Greig’s suggestion to establish a “Job Search Buddy” program. I think this is a fantastic idea! I am definitely interested and hope enough subscribers are interested in joining the program.

  257. Greig’s videos and advice are terrific. My LinkedIn network increased to well over 500 in just a few days, my resume is in Google searches, and I’m receiving job postings via Twitter. Thanks Greig!

  258. Greig and his team really delivers. I am very impressed with the quickness and professionalism of their services. Not only did they increase my contacts to ovr 500 but the visibility has resulting in a steady flow of additional requests to link. Also I have now have serious opportunity becuase my profile was found after the BeFoundJobs sevices evevated my visibility. I recommend them without reservation.

  259. I was totally impressed with the services that BeFound provided. My LinkedIn connectons increased from 80 to almost 500 in a very short time. My expanded network was now creatng attention to my personal brand for job opportunities. Recruiters were now finding me and in just a few weeks I had several phone interviews and three face to face interviews. This resulted in a great new sales management position for a quality manufacturer!! Thanks to Greig and his team..

  260. I was looking at services that cost thousands of dollars and I needed to do something different to get contacts and people looking at my profile and resume etc.
    They’ve increased my connections to over 500 in just a week and it keeps climbing and what used to be three looks in a month or so is now 6 in a day! I’m looking forward to the great things that can come from this program.
    Thanks for the assistance.

  261. I would like to say thank you to Greig Wells. Owning a small company and networking takes time and effort. There is a science to networking properly. Greig Wells has mastered that science. While seeking supplement income, Greig expanded my networking contacts and I received phone calls about employment opportunities just a week after Greig began his services. I will use Greig’s again, as well as recommend him to anyone attempting to expand themselves and make more opportunities. Contact Greig today and see what happens.
    Cullen Corraine.

  262. I’m excited about! I’ve participated in several webinars. I’ve advised others on LinkedIn and job support group that Greig is a good investment of time and money. I couldn’t be happier. I have hope that my job search will go well. And Thanks to Greig and his team, I have the education and information to make this possible.

  263. Greig is a great guy. He did everything that he promised pronto! He knows this business inside and out. I definately recommend him to everyone because he will do everything and more to help you get whatever you are looking for. He is a man of his word. I appreciate everything that he did for me. Thank you so much Greig!

  264. BeFoundJobs delivered on each and every commitment as advertised. They continue to deliver results well above my expectations. This is the “real deal”. Thank you Greig.

  265. Greig under promises and over delivers. When I first heard Greig, I thought his strategy would take weeks. I should have listened. The BeFound optimization program progressed rapidly. Simultaneously, job seekers are taught by Webinar what to do to BeFound.

    BeFound can work for anyone. The program and the instruction are clear. The product is leading edge and affordable, so it is accessible to all. I would urge anyone in a job search to work with BeFound. BeFound delivers the placement and brand results you need to be competitive in this job market.

    I know of no program like BeFound. My only regret is not finding it sooner.

  266. Greig – I am certainly impressed by the quality of the information provided. The webinar today, “LinkedIn Insider Secrets” was presented as factual and direct. Offering your services at the end as a method those seeking a fast result without a pushy sales approach demonstrated your commitment to helping the job seeker and “paying it forward.” A sound strategy!

  267. and Greig Wells delivers 100% on their promises. Everything Greig said I would get, I got!! I appreciated very much the personal call from Greig to get the project started. I have received much more value from Greig Wells in a week than I have thus far received from my professional executive marketing firm that I retained months ago for about 10x the cost of Greig’s service. I am a very satisfied customer.

  268. Greig and team work magic. They have been efficient and courteous, but most importantly they have been successful at getting me exposure so that I can “be found”. Thank you again

  269. Hi Greig,
    Probably the most surprising thing I learned in your webinar is Word Cloud technology. I never heard of the topic before!

    Secondly, creating my own LinkedIn group never crossed my mind! I’ll have to think about how this could work for me, but it certainly gave me a lot to consider.

    Thanks for an extremely informative session!

  270. Greig,

    Your webinar this morning was truly amazing! You have a well documented plan on how job seekers can be found and get the phone ringing. Your idea on using the word cloud to use words that will help to craft a profile that stands out from the crowd was very helpful. Thank you for your insightful thoughts and tips. Well done!

  271. Greig, thanks for taking the time to do the free webinar and share these valuable tips. I realize you are building your business, but you are also serving so many others “pro bono” – thank you for sharing your gifts! Much as I wish I could afford the program, I feel more confident in my search abilities now. I have already created my LinkedIn Group and I will also get my connections and groups up to 500+ and 50+, as well as implement many of your other suggestions.

    I have always meant to get more active in the Groups that I follow, but until now, I did not realize how much visibility and value I was missing out on. Wow!

    I had two questions that you did not get to in the Q&A.
    1) The first one is about groups. How do you manage the volume, belonging to so many? Do you get the digests? How many do you read and comment on? And most importantly, how do you select which 10 to make visible?
    2) The second question is about the word cloud technology. Can you recommend a (free?) tool to do this?

  272. Greig:

    Your Webinar, LinkedIn Insider Secrets, today, 04 Jan 11 was the most comprehensive and insightful Webinar on Strategies for Getting Hired (on LinkedIn) that I have ever attended.

    Not only was the information so salient and “eye-opening”; but the pace and presentation was extremely invigorating and motivating.

    After participating in this Webinar, I not only have a better plan, with detailed direction but also the details on how to implement the plan to obtain professional employment.

    In addition to all of the above with the WHAT and the HOW, I am also energized to moved forward with the WHYs and the WHENs !!!

    Thank you.

    B. George Saloom

  273. Greig, thanks for taking the time to do the free webinar and share these valuable tips. I realize you are building your business, but you are also serving so many others “pro bono” – thank you for sharing your gifts! Much as I wish I could afford the program, I feel more confident in my search abilities now. I have already created my LinkedIn Group and I will also get my connections and groups up to 500+ and 50+, as well as implement many of your other suggestions.

    I have always meant to get more active in the Groups that I follow, but until now, I did not realize how much visibility and value I was missing out on. Wow!

    I had two questions that you did not get to in the Q&A.
    1) The first one is about groups. How do you manage the volume, belonging to so many? Do you get the digests? How many do you read and comment on? And most importantly, how do you select which 10 to make visible?
    2) The second question is about the word cloud technology. Can you recommend a (free?) tool to do this?

  274. Greg did an excellent job in conveying how to get yourself ‘discovered’ in your job search using LinkedIn and Google. Isn’t it everybody’s dream to be discovered. To be found as the ‘one’ that recruiters are hunting for and to have that special talent. Great Job! Learned a lot. Thanks.

  275. Greig: I have to say that I have attended networking groups presentations and online presentations on the subject of LinkedIn and by far the one that I just attended was the best. You really discussed how to use LinkedIn to you benifit where the others are just covering the mechanics of the site. I found it very informative and the discussion on WordCloud tool very helpful that has always been a real weakness of mine not knowing the right key words to use. I also found the Google part very helpful but since I do not know HTML I not sure I can benifit from this but it was worth hearing so I do understand. I can not afford to pay someone to do it for me at this time. I learned alot today, Thank You and I will try and use what I can to find employment. Its to bad Christmas has past or I would have known what to as Santa for.
    Great Webinar, thank you – when I get employed again I am going to invest in your services for the future.

  276. Greig delivers on what he promises. His techniques coupled with real deliverables make the service a worthwhile investment in yourself and your career. Using Greig’s program along with my own efforts to fully utilize the power of LinkedIn positions me to actively manage my career and to network with like minded individuals. Thank you Greig for your efforts and passion in helping people “BeFound”!

  277. Greig… Today’s webinar was so informational and filled with great advise on how to optimized your linked-in profile. I am most grateful for this FREE information.

  278. I just heard the seminar and am impressed with the knowledge and value you provide and look forward to telling you how I was found! Thanks, Greig.

  279. I enjoyed today’s webinar on Linkedin Secrets. The 2 most beneficial pieces of information is 1) how to get connections accepted by people not in your network, 2) word clouds.

    Thanks so much!!

    Martina Rodriguez

  280. I’ve heard LinkedIn can be a powerful too and even have had a measure of success with it so far, but it was only after you explained how much Monster charges recruiters to search resumes that it became clear just how important it really is to use LinkedIn to its fullest extent.

    After today’s free webinar, I immediately put your advice to the test by starting the “Leaders in Social Media” group on LinkedIn. It’s growing by leaps and bounds with 87 members already. Certainly it helped to already have a network of more than 3000 first connections to invite, but your webinar gave me an easy way to activate them — something I had not done before.

    Also as you advised, I dramatically increased my SEO by strategically adding keywords to my profile. As a result, it’s has been viewed 30 times so far today.

    I still have a way to go but, considering how little time it took to implement these few changes, the results are no less than astounding.

    I look forward to following through with your Google tips and accelerating my offline networking using the language you suggested.

    Thanks, Greig, for helping me turn a good tool into a great one.


  281. Greig: The “LinkedIn Insider Secrets” webinar created an action plan that I or your firm could take to help me stand out from the crowd and increase my visibility from searches by hiring authorities. You shared how to strategically choose and place key words to optimize search results. You discussed the reasons why you would create your own LinkedIn group and shared the how many people can find you if you have a 100 vs. 500+ contacts. Your ideas on how to reach up to 90% invitation connection rate were helpful. If you have your own web page and understand html, we covered how to increase the odds you’ll come up on page one in Google searches. You discussed the importance of status updates and discussions in building your brand. Other advanced strategies were briefly discussed – conversion strategy, career brand, how to be found on google/twitter and the importance of tracking your results. Thanks!

  282. Greate webinar on using LinkedIn to get found and be hunted on the internet. I look forward to incorporating these techniques into my position search. This is a totally new approach (to me) and I highly recommend this webinar to change your job seeking paradigm and get hired.

  283. I have use Befoundjobs for the second time and have found them to be an excellent tools for finding that next job. I had such great success with befoundjobs the first time that I immediately decided to use them again to upgrade my profile and be found again. Greig Wells and his team provide a service which is unsurpassed in the job hunt market. I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to reduce the amount of time they put into the job hunt and become actively employed again.

  284. Greig’s methods for optimizing my profile on LinkedIn have increased the visits and searches for my profile exponentially. I’m also very pleased with the response I’ve received on my resume posting. My only regret is that I didn’t utilize the BeFound method sooner.

  285. Greig

    Many thanks for your webinar this afternoon. Plenty for me to improve on to help myself get found here in Scotland!

    I missed a bit of detailed info today in optimising Google tags, I got title and heading but not the last tag type, can you please provide it?

    Many thanks for your work I for one am most grateful for the help you provide.

    Best Regards

  286. LinkedIn Maven-that’s what Greig is. Not only did I learn about current and future capabilities, but also how to utilize other social media for free to enhance my LinkedIn profile. I only wish I could afford to have Greig do it all for me as that would achieve highest quality results.

  287. Wonderful insight with guidance to help those with limited resources and the knowledge of what can be done with your involvement or through our own efforts. It provides hope for greater achievement.

  288. I have listened to Greig’s free webinar several times on how to maximize LinkedIn and I learn something new every time I listen. This webinar is a great resource on how to use LinkedIn and today I learned about adding superconnectors. So, I’ve begun implementing that strategy along with my diligently adding connections in general, adding groups, using word clouds, etc. I’ve got a long list of things to do on LinkedIn and I know that the work I’m putting in here will be what leads me to my next career opportunity.

  289. During his 2/17/11 webinar, Greig indicates that one of the most important strategies you can employ to increase your visibility on LinkedIn is to start your own group. When I reviewed some of the descriptions of existing groups, I realized how smart this advice is, as it is typical for many groups to contain multiple-thousands of members! Hosting a group seems to be a great way to share relevant information and news with other professionals, and to spark discussion and debate. It is a no-cost marketing tool that even the shy among us might learn to love!

  290. Grieg,
    Thanks for the great seminar today. I think the most important thing I learned today is how recruiters and hiring managers look for people on LinkedIn (and elsewhere) and how to use word cloud technology to help get your resume and profile found by employers. I really haven’t been using LinkedIn effectively and feel that now I can. Your emphasis on relationship building is, I think, a really important aspect of the training you provided. You need to be of value to others whether you are or are not employed- that’s the key. Thanks again for the session today, and thanks to the sponsors for making it possible for so many to access it for free. That was much appreciated after two years of joblessness!

  291. Greig, You blew me away this morning in your “LinkedIn Insider Secrets” webinar. I liked ALL of what you had to say! You asked, however, that we post the BEST thing we learned today. So from that standpoint, I’ll have to say that the use of “Word Clouds to Develop Secondary Key Words” I liked the best since I can already see how it will be of value to me. As I sees things now, I believe this technique will have the most significant, immediate and long-lasting impact on defining the diverse skillset that I can bring to any company. I can’t wait to work through all of your strategies and BE FOUND!

  292. Greig,
    Today’s presentation was very informative and helpful. I know that you didn’t want us all to write that but felt it was necessary. I have been out of my job for almost two years now and have sat through many of these kinds of seminars and thought this was one of the best. The information on such topics as staring my own group, building up my connections, and the word cloud technology was all new information that I have not heard before. I especially liked the “I’m evaluating new recruiters” tip and plan on utilizing all of the new information.
    Due to some of the technical difficulties today, I would love to get a PDF of the presentation for my own future use. I had wanted to sign up for the “Done for you” plan but really just can’t swing it now. I know that it can pay off quickly but have to worry about the mortgage first.
    Greig, thanks for the great presentation and the top secret information. I look forward to implementing as much as possible and, hopefully, increasing my presence on LinkedIn and getting noticed by more and more potential employers.
    Rick Wiener

  293. Greig –
    I sat in the webinar this morning and found the info to be remarkable. You’re telling us how to use the computer as a proactive tool in job hunting based on unique computer technology for searching.

    I was so excited I referred 20 people for your webinar tonite, as well as the rest of my networking groups in New England as none of my contacts were connected to you,

    I’ll be starting my own group and branding tonite.

    Thank you.
    Daniel Indish

  294. My first phone call came before I had even finished my first “BeFound” session. Greig’s team is extremely professional and always provide timely feedback. The videos and webinars are extremely helpful, and the advice sound.

  295. As an IVR Programmer, I can see the value in what is being taught here. I frequently have headhunters telling me there are no offers for IVR. It will be great to learn the secrets of how to attract others to my profile.

  296. Greig’s webinars have been wonderful, and I have learned so much about Linkedin and job search tricks! I’m still overwhelm with all the influx of information. I just had my consultation session and my inbox is flooded with Linkedin superconnector replies, accepting my invites, that’s awesome!

    Becoming a LinkedIn Consultant seems like a pretty lucrative business. I am considering to be one after I have learned everything from Greig. Please keep me informed.

    Your are a great teacher, Greig!

  297. I am watching my network grow as I write this message and it’s exciting! I have also developed a draft Career Brand, and will return to re-watch the excellent video training on branding that Greig offers.

    Starting with the initial LinkedIn seminar, Greig has re-inspired me in my job search; I’m so energized and positive — partly by Greig and partly by taking the actions he recommends.

    I am looking forward to the SEIs with Google and Twitter! The program is fun and results tangible. Thank you, Greig!

  298. Greig did a fantasic job in helping me get my Linked-In profile updated in a very professional manner. He knows his business and he and his team are very good. I appreciate all the suggestions and ideas that Greig brings to me/us. He has a talent. I am hopeful what he’s done for me pays off soon. Thanks Greig.

  299. I am extremely pleased with what Greig and his colleagues have been able to help me accomplish through their services. I now am beginning to realize how much the landscape has changed in job searching over the last few years. The exposure has really amped up the level of opportunities and contacts that I have been able to make through Linkedin, Google, and Twitter.

    Anyone who finds themselves searching for a job should seriously consider Greig’s advice and learn what he has to show you!

  300. Great stuff! Lots of solid information that can be acted on immediately to make yourself more visible on LinkedIn and improve the rate that your profile will be review by sourcers.

    I look forward to the class as I’m sure it will be equally filled with action items.

  301. Greig has truly delivered! I was a bit skeptical at first, but Greig has proven to be a real expert on LinkedIn and he is openly sharing and teaching us how to better leverage LinkedIn as a job search tool.

    Greig’s webinars are extremely interesting and the time flies, while he packs each session full of useful information. His Do It All package made the first big difference for me: within days, my contacts grew exponentially, quickly, into a 500+ diverse, widely dispersed group of contacts. This has already enabled me to offer help to people who ask “do you know anyone in (city) who can (provide a specific service). There are many other possiblities, as Greig has explained in webinars, to utilize this size network.

    The SEO is exciting; I never imagined my resume would show up on page a of a Google search…and it does! In addition, I’m being emailed info from Twitter on job opportunities being discussed there, daily.

    With Greig’s help I have also created my own Career Brand, which I am currently practicing and polishing as part of my 30 second “elevator speech” to describe what I do.

    One of the best webinars Greig has is one in which he describes in detail how we can contact anyone on LinkedIn without paying for a premium account. This is what I am focusing on next: developing contacts with people who work at companies I am targeting in my job search.

    Greig has transformed by use of LinkedIn for my job search. I am much more confident about my ability to use a strategically directed approach to job search. I highly recommend Greig and the services available, especially the Do It All package, to anyone who is serious about building and leveraging networking capabilities for a job search. Greig — Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  302. Greig did what he said he would. This service is quick and it works. Thanks for your help.
    I recommend Greig and this service!

  303. Paula (my personal partner) and Greig have done an outstanding job critiquing my resume, LinkedIn Profile and getting me set-up with an optimized Google Profile and Twitter keyword report. It would have taken me weeks, with help, to do that BeFound has done in less than a week. I take advantage of their FREE webinars and partner offers for more free webinars. My Linked Views and Searches have tripled and are getting higher each day. I highly recommend BeFoundJobs!

  304. This is the best program available today. I have been searching for a career opportunity for four weeks and at best, kept getting the response, you are over qualified. In the new world, electronic and social media are the paths to a satisfying career. Greg’s advice, program, and instructions are clear, concise, and easy to follow. Results are immediate, i.e. in one week my profile has been reviewed by at least three times the number of people that in the previous 3 months. This is the best money spent and should be part of any career – regardless of seeking new opportunities or just developing a group of peers.

  305. I’d been learning, from a number of sources, that a software professional’s job search process had changed a lot since the last time I had to find a new job. I recently got laid off and was forwarded a link to the “LinkedIn Insider Secrets” webinar. A lot of people claim to have an exclusive hold on sure-fire “insider secrets” to everything, so I was skeptical. I signed up and watched the video, though, and found that Greig is the real deal. What he said matched up with information I’d read at different times from other experts in the field, but he added a lot more that I hadn’t heard – and he offered this information free. I’m impressed. I’ve signed up for his service where he implements all the things he suggests you do, for you, in front of you in real time. I think there are 2 especially cool things about that: (1) I’ll be able to watch what he does and learn from him and (2) in doing that he’ll be setting up things for me that will endure and that I can keep using and benefiting from for a long time. This is not a one-shot quick fix that won’t work next time.

    Greig’s suggestions really work. His service is a great deal and you get genuine personal attention. I would heartily recommend him and his service.

  306. I was very impressed with the knowledge and advice that the person I worked with. Greig’s program is right on.

  307. Brandon, my consultant, was very patient and helpful.
    After only 36 hours of going live with the “super connectors” LinkedIn invite distribution, I now have over 200 LION’s and major LinkedIn players as part of my network! That brings me to a total of over 22,000 on my second tier, over 100,000 on my third and counting!
    So far, 15 have contacted me directly to offer job openings and request I connect to them.
    All this and they haven’t even launched me onto Google’s first page and Twitter yet.
    Stay tuned and hold onto your hats, this really works, folks!

  308. Greig and his staff have delivered on everything he promised which that is a rare thing in today’s times. I would highly recommend these services to anyone trying to increase his or her web presences as an active job search or building a career brand.

    It is truly Great help for active job searcher, Today!!

  309. The tutorial conference call was so inspiring that I had to learn more. During my one on one call I learned more about LinkedIN in that one hour than I could have imagined. I am currently implementing the techniques and seeing great results!! I would highly recommend Grieg and his team!!!!

  310. You�re truly grateful with this publish, I�ve already been truly taking pleasure in looking at upward your own articles every once in awhile. Getting excited about observe your own long term articles.

  311. Greig and his team did a great job in optimizing my profile and opening my eyes to what I was missing in the new job search market. His ongoing assistance, webinars and critique sessions are helping me fine tune my social networking and are extemely beneficial. My confidence is back that I am on the verge of securing a great new opportunity.

  312. I am so pleased with the service Greig offers. Greig’s group worked with me to create a Linkedin profile, develop a network and start a group. My profile was placed on Linkedin and one week later I was contacted by a recruiter with a national company. I’ve had two phone interviews and will have a video conference with the hiring manager next week. I have also received an invite to connect with the VP of another company for potential career opportunities.

    This program works.

  313. I was unsure whether this would be worth the money but Greig and his team came through. Almost immediately I was connected to literally hundreds of other business professionals. I have already connected to people in my hometown. LinkedIn is a great networking tool. Thanks Greig!!!

  314. I have learned so much from Greig about the social networking optimization and it is beginning to pay off. Just yesterday I left a voicemail for a recruiter, for a company I’d like to work for, who had posted on SIGNAL that she wanted to build out her network for future hires. She promptly returned my call, said she was impressed with my “profile” and wanted to set up a time to speak with me which is scheduled for today. Thanks for all you do Greig in making a difference for others. There is no question your guidance has made a big difference to me and my job search efforts. Thanks!!

  315. Greig, Thanks for enlightening us all with great free content and even more with your low-cost all done-for-you package. I’m now on the front page of Google, gaining LinkedIn network strength, … Thanks much!

  316. I was on linkedin but not really sure of how it could be used for networking. After being unemployed for 2 years, I contacted Be Found to see if there was something that I was missing, Greg’s tips were extremely helpful. He showed me how to interact with the groups that were out there and helped me to show my value to employers who were searching on the various social media sites. After optimizing linkedin, connecting with over 500 users on linkedin, listening on the calls and utilizing the videos I am happily employed.

  317. did exactly what they said they would. They had my LinkedIn profile optimized within an hour and had my resume on Google the very next day. The coaching seminars are very helpful because it is a forum whereby people can ask questions and get answers right away. I am looking forward to viewing the archive of webinars. I had never used Twitter before, but am happy that my resume is linked to there too. All in all, this is a very good service with a lot of value for the money. Thanks!

  318. Greig, this was excellent training. The Word Search tool is awesome, the Top Secret Tips allow us to take advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer and get the upper hand in the Job Search Market. It was enlightening to hear to not Totally focus on LI, the other things to do are important also. I liked the Activity tips, they should also help us get ahead. The Action Item list at the end was very helpful in recapping what you covered in the webinar and your insight on the sequence to complete each action will be helpful. I’d recommend this anyone!!! LinkedIn is the future of Business Networking. AWESOME!!! PS – I also posted an update on my LI page.

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