Getting LinkedIn Premium Paid Account for FREE ($600 Value)

In this short video I show you how to get all of the functionality of a Premium Paid Account on LinkedIn for FREE a $600 value.

If $30 a month is a drop in the bucket for you then I recommend you invest in the Premium Account on LinkedIn.

If you are out of work or on a budget then save your money and use the work arounds I show you in this video.

I have a LinkedIn paid account but I think of it as more of a donation to support the platform – I don’t use any of the features at all.

I’m about solutions so below I recommend what I would pay for on LinkedIn.

I think $20-$30 a month is very affordable for most people, LinkedIn just needs to build a better value proposition.

By the way if LinkedIn is listening below I list 3 services they should offer in the paid account and if they did I would recommend everyone invest $20 a month.

1. Unlimited invitations – currently LinkedIn allows you 3000 invitations, then you are done for good. Personally I only accept inbound invitations now, I have given up network building activities on LinkedIn. Instead I meet people in LinkedIn Groups and on other social sites and I have to ask everyone to send me an invite to connect.

2. Premium suggested connections to add to my network – Use the raw data in my profile to match me up with other people in my industry and profession. This would be a huge time saver. But Without unlimited invitations I just ignore the current suggestions they make.

3. Give me back my profile real estate. The top right of every LinkedIn profile has an advertisement on it – give me back this space on my own profile instead of renting it to an advertiser, rent it to me. In this space I should be able to add the equivalent to the Facebook “HTML Application” that would allow me to use HTML to add video embeds, add an Opt-in Box, or what ever – in a very non-intrusive manner on my own profile.

I would recommend everyone get the LinkedIn paid account if it had these 3 features. Then again they are already getting my money so they have no incentive to listen to me. lol

What would you pay for on LinkedIn? Lets us know with a comment below…

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