Career Brand Statement – Review




Post your brand statement in a comment below and I will critique it for you.  NO statements will be critiqued if you DO NOT follow the formula as outlined below.



Please make sure that your branding statement follows the formula from the training session:

You know how X is a problem in our industry?
I solve this by….

  • Please keep your branding statements to 3 sentences or less as longer comments slow down my review process. Your final statement should only be 3 sentences or less, so please stick to this.
  • Please DO NOT include any UVPs or any extra information or questions.

Keys to a Good Branding Statement

This statement is about SALES more than anything else.  This isn’t where you prove your skill or intelligence.  This is the part of your LinkedIn profile where you can stick in the recruiters mind.  Think about famous branding statements: Just Do It.  Be All That You Can Be.  Etc.

These statements are generic but they are also memorable.  More than anything you want to write something that the recruiter will find interesting or memorable.

Because this is a 2-3 sentence brand we don’t have to be generic.  You really want to crystallize how you are special.

Problem Statement: Your first sentence is a problem that needs a solution, not just something hard.  “You know how it is hard to run up an escalator?  You know how companies find it hard to make more money?”  These are NOT problems.  These are just things that are a little bit hard.  They are smaller than problems, therefore your solution has less value.  The bigger the problem the more valuable the solution.

“Always Looking”, “Challenging”, “Difficult”, “Struggle”  



Solution Statement: You want to crystallize how you actually solve the problem and you want to use emotional language.  The clearer your explanation the more the reader knows you are an expert.  The emotional words are because this is sales.  You want them to remember you and without emotional language our branding statements become DRY.

Check Spelling and Grammar!

When someone reads your profile on LinkedIn and you have a misspelled word in the first sentence, it will really hurt your chances of getting that phone call.

Do not use /  This slash is just an excuse to jam together 2 sentences or ideas.  Every time this appears in a branding statement it leads to trouble.  Don’t use the / no matter how tempting it may be.  It’s a sign that you are trying to use 2 ideas where you should be using only 1.

Missed the Training?

If you missed the Career Branding Training session, or just want to review the material again, there is a recording of the training in the membership site.

If you need access to the membership site, just email me and I will grant access.

Example of Great Branding Statements:

“You know how educational publishers are struggling to catch up with converting their print content to e-books due to the amount of time, money and specialized expertise it takes?


I solve this.


I solve this by re-engineering the print-focused processes, where they write content once and reuse it multiple times for delivery outputs like print, website and ebooks.”